Fair Or Foul: Transgender Female Inmate Sues Men’s Prison For Denying Hormone Treatments



Transgender Inmate Sues Georgia Woman For Denying Hormone Treatments

Should a transgender woman be denied the vital hormone treatments?

The Root reports:

The Southern Poverty Law Center, a nonprofit group specializing in civil rights, filed a lawsuit Friday against Georgia’s Department of Corrections on behalf of 36-year-old transgender inmate Ashley Diamond, the New York Daily News reports. The suit seeks to have Diamond’s hormone therapy restored.

According to the Daily News, Diamond, a Georgia native, has been living as a woman since she was a child and taking a “hormone regimen” since she was 17. That treatment ended in 2012 when she was incarcerated and then subsequently sentenced to 11 years for burglary and theft.

Photos showing Diamond as a young woman are drastically different from a booking photo she took in 2014. The recent photo shows how the ordeal of not being able to take hormones has affected Diamond’s…

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