Florida Crazies: Angry Girlfriend Arrested For Beating Rapper Boyfriend With A Tricycle For Cheating On Him

People are just outright crazy



Florida Woman Arrested For Beating Boyfriend In The Face With Tricycle

Beat him with a what?!?

Via NYDailyNews

An argument over sex turned ugly when a Florida woman grabbed her rapping lover’s dreadlocks and smashed him in the face with a tricycle, police said.

Clinda Josaphat, 20, was doing her child’s father’s hair as he sat spitting lyrics in Fort Pierce on Jan. 19 when the conversation turned to their love life and unborn child, reports TCPalm.com.

The man, who’s not been named, revealed he was “getting it elsewhere” because Josaphat wasn’t being intimate with him.

Josaphat replied that she couldn’t have sex on doctor’s orders.

The amateur lyricist said that he didn’t want to be in her life, but did want to be in his child’s.

It’s unclear whether he was talking about an existing infant or the future arrival.

Josaphat allegedly “kept twisting his dreads tighter and tighter,”…

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