UPDATED: Trayvon Martin family lawyer says DOJ’s decision marks end of road legally in case

Atlanta Daily World

George Zimmerman (Getty Images) George Zimmerman (Getty Images)
The Department of Justice’s decision Tuesday not to charge George Zimmerman in the killing of Trayvon Martin marks the end of the road for any legal recourse his family will seek in the case, a family lawyer told NewsOne.

When asked if they will seek any further remedy from the justice system, Benjamin Crump replied, “They are not even looking at that,” and said Trayvon Martin’s parents Sabrina Fulton and Tracy Martin will now shift focus. “They were very brokenhearted, but they are committed to pushing forward with the legacy of Trayvon Martin with the work of the foundation,” Crump said in a telephone interview. “They are trying to prevent any more senseless acts of violence that they can from happening to our children. They’re going around the country mentoring and speaking and being prayer partners for other families of people lost to senseless violence.”


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