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I Am Black History ” Afro-American Newspaper”

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The Afro is the oldest and black owned family newspaper business in America! The newspaper is published weekly right here in Baltimore Maryland. We make history everyday in all arena’s so we need to support and recognize these businesses.

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I Am Black History “Largest Slave Owners In Maryland”

Empire’s Jussie Smollett Shares Why He Is Black History

Black History Month Open House sponsored by Verizon

I Am Black History ” Eubie Blake”

I Am Black History ” Blacks And Wax “


Black History Month 2015

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The White House to Honor HBCU Leaders, Black Woman To Head Elite College

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Despite the distressing state of historically black colleges and universities, there are individuals working within the education institutions who are working hard to drive change. Tomorrow, the White House will honor faculty and staff members at HBCU’s for their efforts in promoting college completion by recognizing them as “Champions of Change.” The Champions for Change program was designed to highlight individuals who have made the effort to empower and uplift people within their local communities. The group of individuals joined forces with students, families, and policymakers to create strategies for success for those who attend their institutions of higher learning. Those who are being honored will include A. Deloris Alexander, Ph.D., who serves as Director of the Integrative Biosciences PhD Program at Tuskegee University; Abayomi Ajayi-Majebi, Ph.D., PE, who is a professor of Manufacturing Engineering and Past Chairman of the Manufacturing Engineering Department undergraduate program at…

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How Mary Mary’s Tina Campbell Is Helping Heal Relationships

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We saw Tina Campbell overcome her own relationship issues, and now she’s trying to help others heal. Listen to the audio player to hear about her new book in this edition of Inside Inspiration!

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For Discussion: New Slavery Video Game Designed To Make Learning About It “Fun” For Students Causes Outrage



Outrage Erupts Over New Slavery Video Game Intended To Make Learning About It “Fun” For Students

A fairly new video game designed to make learning about slavery more “fun” for students is rightfully causing a huge uproar across the country.

via RT News

A computer game simulating the experiences of a US slave girl in the 19th Century has sparked outrage across the country. Critics believe the game doesn’t depict the true brutality of slavery and students should look to other resources to learn about it.

The educational learning program in question is called ‘Flight to Freedom’ and chronicles the experiences of a 14-year-old black slave called Lucy King, who works on a slave plantation in Kentucky. Users have to try and help her escape to the north of the country, where slavery has been abolished.

Upon learning about the game, after she received an email, recommending its use to…

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Chris Brown Paintings Sell At Auction, Maybe He Should Quit Music?

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Chris Brown already has a successful career in music, but it looks like the singer-turned-rapper also has his sights locked on a path as a painter.

Recently, he teamed up with KAI on a few pieces at Fine Art Auctions, which was part of Miami’s Urban Art Week.

Together, Brown and KAI worked on seven pieces. They also reportedly painted a Porsche and the work was sold next to material fro renowned street artists Shepard Fairey and KAWS.

Brown sold two canvases for $25,000 a piece, according to Page Six. He also sold a third canvas for $12,000. If you’re wondering where the money went, the site reports that half of it was donated to a charity.

Here’s a look at Brown and KAI in action.

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BEAUTIFUL NEWS: Ten-Year-Old Prodigy Begins College Courses For Her Math Degree!

I feel like such an underachiever. I need a tutor.

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At only ten-years-old, Esther Okade has begun taking college courses to her Open University undergraduate Math degree. She was accepted as a student after acing an exam and winning over Open?s Vice Chancellor with her amazing ambition. To think our middle school teachings of Algebra 101 still gives us nightmares!

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Okade was recently profiled by the U.K.?s Telegraph, and is a native of Walsall. She shares similar interests with the average child like playing with toys and watching Frozen (even overseas, they can?t stop singing ?Let It Go.?) but she was not like the rest in that she?s dreamt of attending college starting at seven-years-old. For three years, Okade recognized her prowess with numbers and math. To the shock, approval (and secret delight) of her mother Omonefe who is also her homeschool teacher and mathematician, together they applied to Open with high…

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