Stirrings of Poverty – Gordon Parks


The cycle of life has many faces, but none is as striking as the faces of poverty. I stumbled upon Gordon Parks’ brilliant photographic work in Life-Time(1). Gordon Parks was an ordinary African-American who did extraordinary things the moment he purchased his first camera(2) for $12.50. The only way to describe the sights and silent cries emitting from these magnificent scenes Parks created in “A Beaten Family in Rio Slum – Freedom’s Fearful Foe: Poverty,” is hurt. Immediately, I began to write.

For some reason, poverty was Black America for me. The shocking revelation boldly manifested itself as I flipped from one photograph to another, expecting, but not finding one picture of a poor African-American family. From my perspective, I never envisioned a mother of another color with a calico rag wrapped around her head, her eyes dark, her nails filthy, cooking a watery soup over an open fire for…

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