Nickelodeon Honors Maya Angelou With Tribute By Young Girls & It’s Everything!


Nickelodeon is sharing Maya Angelou’s message that any girl can grow up to be the personification of her poem “Phenomenal Woman.”

For Black History Month, the network teamed with the Because Of Them We Can Campaign to introduce Maya’s famous piece to a whole new generation. The video featured Black girls ranging from toddlers to young teens reciting Maya’s famous poem, extolling all the qualities of what it means to be incredible even when you don’t fit the mold.

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The producers tweaked the last line of Maya’s refrain, so that the girls proclaimed, “Phenomenal woman, that’s us.” What came about is what has to be one of the most adorable works of female empowerment we’ve ever seen.

Maya (who, BTW, is also being honored with her own stamp) and Because Of Them We Can creator Eunique…

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