Being Mary Jane — Better than Empire?

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Had a great online debate about Being Mary Jane being probably the best African-American show on TV right now.  I personally find the writing and the characters far more compelling than those on Empire,Scandal or even How To Get Away With Murder. Now some of you agreed and others thought I was nuts. 

Is Being Mary Jane Better Than Empire?

  • Loveeeeee it. I can relate to her. Mara Brock Akil is doing it!
  • I liked it, but it’s kinda a chick show and Gabrielle just always comes across as stuck up no matter what role she plays.
  • I just think it looks like my family and friends and is pretty daring in its side stories. I think it gets the accomplished/ hard working black family thing right … Good & Bad
  • I’m just glad we have good black content on TV
  • They cover a wide range of…

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