Black Gay Man Tells Patricia Arquette Why Black Women May Not Have Time For Wage Equality Right Now

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One Black gay man has shared his thoughts on why Patricia Arquette’s call for wage equality may not be the most pressing matter for women of color.

Last month, Patricia Arquette called on minorities and the LGBTQ community to focus their attention on the fight for wage equality for women during her Oscar acceptance speech. The message rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. Her rallying cry was mostly met with tons of snarky remarks from Black twitter, pegging her as an entitled White feminist.

MUST READ: Patricia Arquette Clarifies Her Oscar Acceptance Speech Call For Wage Equality

While, we don’t think that Patricia was necessarily wrong for calling on allies, one Black gay man YouTuber named Gazi Kodzo has broken down why wage equality might not be the biggest struggle that Black women are facing right now. Not only that, but he pointed out ways in which the…

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