Father Of The Freakin’ Year: His Daughter Is Deaf, So He Got A Hearing Aid Tattoo So They Could Be Twinsies [PHOTO]

Praise 104.7

We love adorable daddy/daughter stories!

Cue sappy music and while you?re at it, reach for those Kleenex. We?ve got a father of the year award that needs to go out to this man. We have no idea who he is, or just how beautiful he and his daughter?s story is, but what we do know is that this is what fatherhood looks like.

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His young daughter wears a hearing aid because she is deaf. We all know kids can be cruel and his daughter has experienced some bullying from kids who?d rather make fun of someone who is different, rather than try to understand or at least offer kindness. So this father did what any loving father would do?he got a tattoo of the exactly same hearing aid that his daughter wears so that she won?t…

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