LAPD Refuses To Release Body Camera Footage Of Police Shooting Homeless Man

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As police continue to investigate the shooting death of a black homeless man in Los Angeles, officials say the body camera footage won?t be released just yet, Mashable reports.

Police are hesitant to release the footage until the officer?s intent is fully investigated. Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck told reporters that the release of the footage could cause a divide between police and pedestrians, something they?re strongly trying to avoid.

Beck said the body camera footage will be ?crucial in determining the propriety of the officer’s actions.? Groups such as the ACLU in Los Angeles have asked the LAPD to release the footage, as they feel it will help relieve strife between the police and members of the community, particularly the homeless.

Pedestrian footage of the shooting came to light on Sunday. The victim, identified as Charley Saturmin Robinet, was allegedly resisting arrest when officers shot him five times. Now, new details about Robinet?s identity…

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