Newly Freed Marissa Alexander Talks About Standing Her Ground Against Her Abusive Ex-Husband


Alexander Stand Your Ground

Marissa Alexander Reveals Her Stand Your Ground Nightmare

We’ve been following the story of Marissa Alexander closely over the years, particularly when George Zimmerman got off scot free for the murder of Trayvon Martin.

Newly freed, Marissa gave Essence Magazine an incredibly moving first person account of her experience, which we’ve excerpted below:

On Life Before The Incident:

Before all this happened I was working as a client services manager at a payroll company, coming up on my tenth year. I really enjoyed what I did: It was challenging, intense and a good fit for me. I had twins from my first marriage and a great coparenting relationship with my ex. I met Rico Gray, the man who would eventually become my second husband, on a blind date in 2009.

Rico and I had a lot of chemistry. When our relationship was good, it was excellent. When it was…

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