Jesus Take The Wheel: Las Vegas Hospital Makes A Mistake & A Laundromat Makes A Gruesome Discovery



Hospital Mistakenly Sends Fetuses To Laundromat

A Las Vegas laundromat recently made a gruesome discovery; twin miscarried fetuses mistakenly sent to them by a local hospital. reports:

A Las Vegas hospital accidentally sent twin miscarried fetuses wrapped in linen to a commercial laundry facility on Tuesday, officials said.

Henderson Police Department spokeswoman Kathleen Richards said that officers were called at around 10 a.m. local time by laundry company Angelica after workers discovered the fetuses.

Richards said the remains were delivered accidentally by Spring Valley Hospital Medical Center. The incident was not considered suspicious, Richards said, but added that the Clark County Coroner’s Office would investigate.

Spring Valley Hospital spokeswoman Gretchen Papez said in a statement the mother of the fetuses arrived at the hospital after suffering a miscarriage at another location, and that the twins were wrapped in linens before her arrival.

“We are currently reviewing the situation to…

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