[Weigh In] Baltimore’s Mayor Appears As Cameo For The Opening of ‘Chicago’ Musical


Photo Cred: abc2news.com Photo Cred: abc2news.com

This isn’t a bash moment but, I thought that this situation was pretty peculiar. So I’m pretty up to date with the news nowadays, especially when it comes to Baltimore‘s current events. If you keep up with the local news stations you may have noticed them speaking of  Chicago the musical which opened this week at the Hippodrome. The reason that it was constantly talked about via Baltimore’s media outlets was partially because it is a Tony award winning musical but, our dear mayor had a cameo in the musical its opening night. What’s the problem here? It seems as if Mayor Rawlings-Blake takes every opportunity to be somewhere else other than where she needs to be, in the heart of her city. I understand she may like theater and it was a positive thing to do but, your city needs you more than…

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