Nick Gordon’s Intervention On Dr. Phil Was Painful To Watch [RECAP]


Nick Gordon had a full-on meltdown when he met with Dr. Phil to talk about his relationship with Bobbi Kristina.

The highly anticipated sitdown between the TC life coach and Bobbi’s beau brought up concerns about his mental and emotional state.

Before the interview even began, Dr. Phil could tell that something was wrong with Nick when he got him from his hotel room. Bobbi’s boyfriend seemed obviously disoriented and had a hard time focusing on anything for too long—including emotions. Nick went from being pleasant upon introduction to crying in the elevator, begging for the footage not to be broadcast, which it later was, because he was afraid of appearing weak.

As Dr. Phil walked him to the interview room, he asked Nick if he’d been drinking. At the time, Nick admitted to taking a couple of shots; he revealed later that he’d also taken some medication. “I have…

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