Jesus Take The Wheel: Man Shoots 5, Killing 9-Year-Old Girl & Her Father Following Argument



Man Opens Fire, Injuring 5 And Killing Two In Deadly Shooting Spree

via Fox News

A Mississippi man shot the owners of a house where he was living in and their children, killing the father and nine-year-old daughter as well as critically wounding the mother and two other children Friday, police said.

The mother and her two children crossed a busy two-lane highway to plead for help from neighbors who were awakened by loud knocking on their door.

“It was like out of a horror movie,” said Donna Davis, 39. “I still see that little girl’s face in my mind.”

Jermaine Sims, 31, and the nine-year-old daughter died later Friday morning. His 29-year-old wife, Victoria, and their 6-year-old son and 14-year-old daughter survived the shooting but were in critical condition, Captain Clint Earls said.

Jimmy Lyons is accused of shooting the family, Earls said. He said the 32-year-old man and…

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