Lee Daniels Calls Rhonda’s “B.J. Bib” His Favorite “Empire” Moment

The Urban Daily

'The Butler' New York Premiere - Outside Arrivals Source: Daniel Zuchnik / Getty

In theory, nine consecutive weeks of record-breaking ratings usually produces some memorable television moments. Fox’s Empire has delivered those shoe throwing, love making, double-crossing moments, but one stands out to show co-creator and co-producer Lee Daniels. During Episode Two, Kaitlyn Doubleday’s character Rhonda Lyon dons a bib before pleasuring her husband Andre. At a recent, exclusive screening for Television Academy members, the cast revealed their initial reaction to Rhonda’s infamous bib scene.

“I think coming up with things that let us push boundaries, that you don’t think will actually make it on TV, and do, that’s what you get — you make Twitter, or whatever,” Doubleday said, according to Vulture. The scene didn’t just make Twitter, it drew in 10.32 million viewers that week, and it seemed to have an impression on Daniels as well.

“That is what makes provocative television,” Daniels…

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