Mo’Nique Challenges Lee Daniels To A Public Sit Down [EXCLUSIVE]

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Mo'Nique Source: Dan MacMedan / Getty
When Mo?nique accepted the Academy Award for ?Best Supporting Actress,? in 2009, for her stellar portrayal of Mary Lee Johnston in Lee Daniels? ?Precious,? her Hollywood peers erupted with applause and Mo?Nique exhaled a sigh of relief. She kissed her husband then acknowledged her friend Lee Daniels, who was standing behind her. She rode the melody of the applause to the stage where she then thanked the Academy for bestowing her with the honor. She thanked Hattie McDaniels for paving the way and Tyler Perry and Oprah for breathing life into the project with their touch. Surprisingly, Mo? didn?t mention Lee Daniels? name.

We expected Mo?nique?s career to sky-rocket following her historic win. We expected the roles to pour in. However, Mo? seemed to fade into obscurity. In a recent interview, with The Hollywood Reporter, the ?Precious? star revealed Lee Daniels told her she…

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