Mr T: ‘I Pity the Tool’ Who Doesn’t Watch My New Reality Show

MIX 105.1

By Scott T. Sterling

Legendary ’80s starMr. Tmade his name on larger-than-life characters including Clubber Lang from movieRocky IIIand B.A. Baracus on TV’s originalThe A Team.

The Mohawk-sporting and gold chain-wearing actor is set to make a return to television in a new hard-hitting role as a sledgehammer-toting home improver onI Pity the Tool, a cheeky pun on his famous Clubber Lang catchphrase, “I pity the fool.”

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?Before I worked in show business, I worked in the demolition business. And even after I made it in Hollywood, I kept on building things,? Mr. T explained in a statement toThe Wrap.?We?re hooking up homeowners who need help with their renovations.

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