Sheryl Lee Ralph Schools Young Women On Internet Trolling, Instagram Modeling


Sheryl Lee Ralph Source: Jennifer Lourie / Getty

For Women’s History Month, we tapped the iconic Sheryl Lee Ralph — Tony award-winning star — to discuss four important topics on womanhood. From schooling the youth on Sarah Baartman to breaking down the poisonous behavior on social media, Sheryl has some tough love for our young women.

Read her EXCLUSIVE HelloBeautiful blog, below:

“It’s Pretty Ugly, Beautiful” -By Sheryl Lee Ralph

We’re weeks into Women’s History Month and there are so many events being held across the country celebrating and commemorating the many brave and beautiful things women have accomplished. During this month, we acknowledge women like Sojourner Truth, who delivered her ‘Ain’t I a Woman’ speech in Akron, Ohio and stunned her mostly white audience when she ripped open her blouse, barred her breasts and asked those who had ignored her, “Ain’t I a woman?”

It seems we’ve forgotten these real-life heroines…

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