Starbucks #RaceTogether FAIL & a black barista endures racial abuse from a customer

Aya de Leon

starbucksEarlier this week, I heard about Starbucks’ absurd “Race Together” so-called campaign to try to address race relations. According to the Huffington Post:

Employees behind the counter were also given the option of writing “Race Together” on customers’ coffee cups to help initiate dialog amid simmering racial tensions in the United States….The campaign, however, has been met with snark and skepticism on social media, with many complaining the company was overstepping it boundaries with a campaign on sensitive cultural topics that had no place in the coffee shop’s lines….[and] they questioned how workers such as baristas, many of them young adults who are not trained to navigate such difficult conversations, would manage

According to one twitter critic, April Reign who goes by @ReignOfApril, “Not sure what @Starbucks was thinking. I don’t have time to explain 400 years of oppression to you & still make my train. #RaceTogether.”

The whole campaign…

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