Race Matters: Oklahoma Mayoral Candidate Apologizes For Dressing Up Like A Black Woman “Pollyester Kotton”


Pollyester Kotton

Oklahoma Mayoral Candidate Defends Dressing Up As A Black Woman

Another case of “innocent” black face gone wrong.

Via KFOR.com reports:

An Elk City mayoral candidate is at the center of controversy after several YouTube videos were shared around town.

In the video, Bill Helton, an Elk City commissioner and mayoral candidate, is seen dressing up as a black woman called “Pollyester Kotton.”

Some say it is racist and offensive, but others don’t see anything wrong with the character.

Helton, who is also a hair stylist, says Kotton’s character was born at the beauty shop.

“The character came about from one of my clients, who was African-American, from Texas,” Helton said.

With his client’s help, Helton says he transformed into Kotton.

He has acted as her at numerous community events, raising money for people in need.

The last fundraiser was in 2013.

“We filled the house and raised over…

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