Ethnic Castings? Looks Like White People Are Starting To Feel Disenfranchised By Black Excellence On TV

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Kerry, Taraji, Viola Source: Steve Granitz, Michael Tran, Jeff Vespa / Getty

What should be a celebration of the amount of faces of color we’ve been able to experience on prime time TV has turned into a whine session on Deadline about Black actors in lead roles of shows that are killing the ratings game right now, as if we don’t deserve the roles in the first place. With this bold inquiry: Pilots 2015: The Year Of Ethnic Castings – About Time Or Too Much Of Good Thing?, we’re left waiting for Nellie Andreeva at the do’!

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Ethnic casting? Ethnic. Good thing Andreeva defined what she mean by that loaded word: “a casting term used for non-Caucasian thesps.” The flaw in this explanation is that White actors stand alone as “Caucasian,” as every other actor of color is…

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