$1 Million Lotto Ticket Remains Unclaimed In Md.

CBS Baltimore

WOODSTOCK, Md. (WJZ) — Lottery players dream of hitting all the number during a big rollover week, but what you had the ticket, but one number was missing.

Mike Schuh has the story from Howard County.

There are a lot of essentials here at Woodstock Weis Market. Things like bananas, salad and more.

Although it may not be essential, they have lotto tickets too.

One lucky player bought a lotto ticket that’s now worth much more.

Getting five of the six numbers correct — winning a $1 million.

Schuh: So you play the lottery?

[worldnow id=11296423 width=320 height=240 type=video]

Sharon Brown: Every week

Schuh: So you’re a regular?

Brown: Yeah.

Schuh: So in your mind what is a number that sounds good to you?

Brown: $5 million

John Demaggio is scraping for gold or rather — $50,000. So for him a million is fine.

But John didn’t win a million…

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