Connecticut College Of New London Cancels Classes After “No N*****s” Graffiti Discovered


Connecticut College Of New London No N-words allowed

Racist Graffiti At Connecticut College Leads To Cancelled Classes And Investigation

Racism never takes a day off…

Via RawStory

Classes at Connecticut College in New London were cancelled on Monday so students could gather to address recent incidents of racism on campus.

WVIT reported that the college’s Campus Safety was notified on Sunday that racist graffiti had been found on the first floor of the Crozier-Williams building.

Photos of the graffiti obtained by WVIT showed the words “no” and the plural form of the n-word scrawled on a bathroom wall.

“Given the egregious nature of the graffiti, we are enlisting the campus community to help us to identify those responsible,” Dean of Student Life Victor Arcelus and Director of Campus Safety Stewart Smith wrote in a letter to students on Sunday.

The incident comes as students were dealing with another recent racial controversy.

Earlier this month, Connecticut College Professor Andrew…

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