RACISM IN INDIANA! Noose Given To Marion Firefighter On Job! Wife Related To Last Black Lynched In Indiana

AM 1310: The Light

Mikal Neal, Marion Ind Firefighter Marion Indiana Firefighter Mikal Neal / Submitted by Neal

Noose Source: Peter Dazeley / Getty

While the nation and the world is looking at Indiana and wondering if discrimination exists, here’s a disturbing story of workplace racial bias and harassment involving a first responder – a firefighter.  Mikal Neal is a Marion Indiana firefighter; a community 81 miles from downtown Indianapolis off I-69 in Grant County.  In February Neal and his fellow firefighters were receiving training from Marion Fire Department Assistant Chief Rick Backs on how to properly tie knots in ropes. When Chief Backs came to Neal, instead of showing him a knot, he showed him a noose.  Not only was this a racial insult in the workplace, it had a more emotional and personal connection.  That’s because Mikal Neal’s wife, Rachel Fears-Neal, is related to Abram Smith, who with another Black man were lynched in Marion in 1930. The…

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