#BlackLivesMatter Natasha McKenna Was Cuffed & Shackled When She Was Fatally Tased


Natasha McKennaNatasha McKenna’s Hands Were Cuffed & Legs Shackled During Tasing

As officers argue that unarmed Natasha McKenna died from “excited delirium” more questions are being asked about what really happened to the Virginia woman who was fatally tased.

McKenna who was 5’3 130 pounds and mentally ill, was handcuffed and shackled when she was shot four times with a stun gun in February.

She also allegedly had a mask over her face and her last words were “You promised you wouldn’t hurt me,” as six officers left her permanently incapacitated for not bending her knees to be strapped into a chair.


The Washington Post reports:

IT’S BEEN more than three months since a mentally ill woman, Natasha McKenna, died after she was shot four times with a Taser stun gun by a guard in the Fairfax County jail.

Since her death on Feb. 8, county officials have offered repeated…

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