My “Coming Out” Story: Am I A “Trans”/ “Cis” Man/Woman??

The illusion of the physical is the sole foundation of all ill-doing in this world. The reason for hate. The reason for abuse. The reason for dehumanization and worldwide detriment. The ability for one to “other” another person, is the easiest and most profound culprit, responsible for fueling the wickedness and hate in this world. You see another person, and before you see what you share in common with them, you search out what makes you different from them. That person is tall, you are short. That person is White, you are Black. That person is a man, you are a woman. That person is ugly, you are pretty. And so, forth.

We “other” people, by separating ourselves from them. We separate ourselves from them by contrasting, our similarities from their differences. We look for what makes us different from other people, as a means for unconscious separation. When a…

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