Girl Bye: White Mom Who Drowned Her Two Sons And Blamed Black Man Says She’s Not A ‘Monster’


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Mom Who Drowned Her Sons She’s Not A Monster

Infamous baby killer Susan Smith who notoriously murdered her two sons and later blamed a Black man is now saying she’s not a monster. Ho sit down!

Via AJC:

It was a case that at first captured the sympathies of a nation. A single mother of two adorable boys relayed a terrifying story of a carjacking, an abduction, an unknown assailant, and later, the drowning of her children.

But sympathy turned to horror and outrage when it was discovered that the children of Susan Smith were not killed by a stranger but by the 23-year-old mother herself.

Now, 20 years after being sent to prison for the murder of her boys, Smith has penned a letter from jail to reporters at The State who were writing a retrospective of her case. In the 341-word letter, she mentioned her boys, Michael…

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