Class II Slot Machines or Class III Slot Machines? What’s the difference?

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There are two different types of slot machines, class II and class III.  There is a big difference with each classification of slot machine in the way that they operate.  You may have played class II slot machines at one casino and class III slot machines at a different casino and never realized the difference.

Class III machines are also known as “Vegas Style” slots.  These can be found in all your large regulated markets (e.g., Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Reno, etcetera.)  The way these machines work is with a Random Number Generator or RNG.

A RNG is supposed to be a program that comes as close as humanly possible to choosing numbers randomly.  Theoretically, any program created by a human cannot be completely random, but it’s suppose to be as close as we can get.

Thousands of numbers are being generated inside the machine, even when the machine isn’t being…

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