Over 50, unemployed – Broke but not Broken

I recently came across this very interesting article that I just had to share. With Trump in office to make “America great again”, there lies the truth that many baby boomers are suffering dearly from depression and despair. If making America great again includes looking out for the “willing and able” employable 50+ candidates who are in dire need of employment, I say bring it on Mr. Trump.

This article comes to you from dailyplateofcrazy.com by D. A. Wolf. Hopefully, you will find the article to be informative and helpful as you go through the journey of your future.

Over 50, Unemployed, Depressed and Powerless

Are you over 50, unemployed, depressed and feeling powerless? For that matter, are you any age and feeling hopeless because you can’t seem to land a job?

The recession may be officially over, and for some segments of the population, things are looking up. But too many are still sinking or hanging on by the skin of their teeth. Long-term unemployment or underemployment has become a way of life.

This issue, for me, is personal.

I know what it feels like to be marginalized because you’re out of work. To be judged by others as if there’s something wrong with you. To grow increasingly depressed, demoralized, and despairing as three months of joblessness turns into six, and then continues for a year or more; as rejection after rejection becomes crushing, humiliating, and leaves you feeling worthless.

All money-related impacts aside, you lose confidence. You wear out. You start to give up.

And you don’t even make it into the “statistics.” It’s been too long since your last employment relationship.

Let’s take off the pretty masks for a minute, shall we? These days, I’m not as job-scared as I have been in the past, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t all change tomorrow. I am not in an “employment” relationship, and that means I’m a phone call away from floating in a sea of worries as I have been off and on for years.

The worst of my job-scared days? They continued for a full ten-year period, and I doubt I will ever feel “safe” again.

For one thing, the insecurity of being what is (laughingly?) referred to as a “portfolio worker” sustains an undercurrent of stress that is impossible to explain if you haven’t lived it. And yes, at the moment, I have work coming out of my ears and I couldn’t be more delighted. I’m also perpetually physically tired, have virtually zero time for a relationship, too little time to keep a stream of leads in my pipeline (another concern), and find no alternative but to continue as things are.

When you don’t have so much as the pretense of a secure “job” — or for that matter a partner, spouse or other family member contributing to the household — it’s virtually impossible to let go of the fear of your income disappearing overnight. The prospect of another long, dry spell with no money coming in is terrifying. And reserves? Cushion?

If this has been going on for a few years, those rainy day savings are long gone.

Overqualified, Over-Educated, Over 50

Despite my fancy educational background and shiny corporate career history, for a number of years I was unable to obtain work that was even remotely close to using my skills. Paying me a living wage? Let’s not even discuss it. I must have applied to 100 positions over the course of several years, attended the usual networking events, and schmoozed every contact I could come up with.

No go. I suffered from the three O’s: Overqualified, Over-educated and Over 50, though I may not have looked it. That last? If you ask me, age was the kicker.

To continue reading, https://dailyplateofcrazy.com/2015/06/25/over-50-unemployed-depressed-and-powerless/.

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