Michigan Girl Banned From Taking School Picture Because Of Her Red Bun — HelloBeautiful

Source: Screenshot: WILX News 10 / WILX News 10 Another day, another disturbing example of a young Black girl in America being discriminated against because of her hair. According to WILX News, an 8-year-old from Michigan was banned from having her annual school picture taken because her braided bun was dyed red. See, according to…

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Harry Connick Jr. Show features makeup tutorial for ebony-skinned women — Oh Gee Productions BLOG

Beauty and diversity done right — Harry, the Harry Connick Jr. TV talk show features makeup tutorial for ebony-skinned women, featuring a high fashion model and a popular YouTuber. Here’s why this episode works so well. Ebony, the darkest and rarest of woods, has been desired and held in high regard throughout history; however, while craftsmen […]

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There’s Only One Place On Earth Where Women Donate Long Hair With Natural Body Wave For Extensions

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Let’s face it, what women doesn’t want thick, long, naturally beautiful hair that puts all eyes on her and makes her the envy of all her friends? Our investigative team recently discovered that nearly all hair extensions go through harsh chemical processing (and much worse), yet there is ONE PLACE on earth where hair is donated naturally long and naturally wavy without the need for processing.

As our readers have noted, this is the “Holy Grail” when it comes to hair extensions because it means soft beautiful hair with NO shedding, tangling or chemical smells. And because the waves are NATURAL, they need very little effort to style. To understand just how special this hair is, let us take you behind the scenes of the how most hair extensions and weaves are made.

The Ugly…

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Master Sorcery: 20 Best Makeup Artists On Instagram



The Absolute Best Makeup Artists On IG

Makeup sorcery is an endless internet obsession fueled by the stunning wizardry of talented artists who are rarely recognized for their incredible (and often breathtaking) skills that bring the absolute BEST out of clients.

Hit the flip for the best makeup artists on Instagram.


Instagram: @kazumibrowntheartist



Instagram: @makeupbydreigh






( Artist Unknown



(Artist: Unknown)






(South African singer Unathi Msengana. Artist: Unknown)






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WEAVE 101: Does Filipino Hair Really Come From The Philippines?


Black Woman With Long Hair Source: Philippe Regard / Getty

Indian, Brazilian, Malaysian, Mongolian, Russian, Filipino…with the hair trade rapidly growing and ever-changing, it seems like a new texture of virgin hair emerges with every sizzle of your wand curler.

But what exactly is virgin hair? Where does it come from? What differentiates the expensive tresses your favorite celeb is wearing from from the pack hair you can pick up at the local beauty supply?

More importantly, how does one choose from so many textures?

While some of the lingo may seem foreign, it’s understood — weave is where it’s at. And here’s what you need to know before you make your next purchase.

We linked up with Javonte Anyabwelé, founder of Madali Hair, who specializes in Filipino tresses and providing women with luxurious Filipino hair to answer our questions. Find out his answers below:

HelloBeautiful: Explain the concept of “virgin” hair…

Javonte Anyabwelé:…

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