Florida Crazies: Woman Covers Husband In BBQ Sauce And Threatens To Carve Him Up Like Chicken

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Florida Woman Covers Hubby In Sauce And Threatens To Carve Him

A woman in Florida poured barbecue sauce on her husband before chasing after him with a knife in each hand, according to an arrest report.


In a report made public on Wednesday, 30-year-old Viven Palmer faces charges of battery, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and resisting an officer, according to a CBS affiliate, WJAX, in Jacksonville.

Police were reportedly called to the home where they saw a man waving and yelling “Help, police,” from his front door. A woman, who was later identified as Palmer, refused to speak to the police as she put items into a car that was parked outside the home. Two children, ages 4 and 9, were inside the car, according to WJAX.

Palmer’s husband told police that he and his wife were arguing about getting a divorce when “his wife…

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Doing everything but paying attention to the road while driving

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According to research from AT&T, drivers are doing more than just talking and texting while driving. Many are now posting on Facebook and Twitter, snapping selfies and video chatting while driving. This is some scary mess. People, can we put the phones down and pay attention to the roads? I don’t know what’s worse. Drinking while driving or posting to Facebook/Twitter while driving.


Phones are getting smarter, drivers seemingly less so.

A survey released this morning shows that many motorists have expanded their behind-the-wheel activities beyond texting to include using Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter, taking selfies and even shooting videos.

The survey was commissioned by AT&T, itself a phone company, but one that has invested heavily in discouraging distracted driving through its “It Can Wait” public service campaign. The telephone survey was conducted by Braun Research, which polled 2,067 people who own a smartphone and drive at least once…

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Morning Beautiful: Obama Slammed With Racist Tweets, Hundreds Protest Police Shooting In WA & More

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Black Lives Matter Protest Source: Scott Olsen/Staff / Getty
Morning baby. Here?s today?s top news stories around the web. Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

1) Once Again, Obama Cannot Catch a Break

Just hours after opening his first personal twitter account as president, Barack Obama got flooded with racial epithets and threats from trolls and spawns of Satan. I guess I can?t say I?m surprised at this one. Read the story at The Verge.

2) Ireland Approaches Landmark Gay Marriage Decision

Today, Ireland is leading a national vote on whether it will legalize gay marriage. If it does, Ireland will be the first country to make gay marriage legal through a referendum. Read more on this development at USA Today.

3) Josh Duggars Issues An Apology In Light of Molestation Charges

Executives at the TLC are probably reaching for a bottle of scotch at the moment. Josh Duggar from the popular family show, ?19 Kids…

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Six Baltimore Officers Involved In Freddie Gray’s Death Indicted

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The six Baltimore officers that were charged in conncection with Freddie Gray’s death have been indicted, CNN reports. The indictment comes after a grand jury was presented with evidence for two weeks.

[ALSO READ: State Attorney Rules Freddie Gray’s Death A Homicide]

Some of the initial charges announced by Baltimore State Attorney Marilyn Mosby has been changed but all officers are charged with involuntary manslaughter, illegal arrest, reckles endangerment and misconduct assault. The officer who was driving the van that carried Gray faces the most serious charge, second-degree depraved heart murder.

[ALSO READ: Beyonce And Jay Z Met The Families Of Freddie Gray And Mike Brown]

If convicted of these charges, these officers can face decades in prison. They will be arriagned on July 2nd.

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Authorities: More Than 1 Person Responsible For DC Mansion Murders

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WASHINGTON (WJZ)–On the run and now captured.

Tonight the man suspected of torturing and murdering a wealthy D.C. family and their housekeeper for money is behind bars  after a week-long manhunt.

Derek Valcourt has more on the arrest and important new details in the case.

Daron Wint appeared in a D.C. court Friday afternoon, but tonight court documents show police are confident he isn’t the only one who helped commit the murders.

[worldnow id=11525893 width=320 height=240 type=video]

The manhunt for 34-year-old Wint ended at Rhode Island Ave., in D.C. just after 11:00 p.m. Thursday night.

That’s where police stopped a white Chevy which was following just behind a large box truck.

Authorities say Wint was with three other men and two women– all of them now taken into custody.

Inside the box truck police found large sums of cash.

“We blocked it in the front and the back and on…

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#SayHerName: Kayla Moore killed by Berkeley Police+my own recent brush with the cops

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All across the US yesterday, people–particularly black women–sought to expand the national conversation about police violence to include the reality that black women are not only grieving mothers, daughters and partners of black men slain by police, but we are directly targeted. A critical paper by The African American Policy Forum was released on Wednesday: “Say Her Name: Resisting Police Brutality Against Black Women.” Although women are not targeted as often as men, the statistics clearly show that within the gender categories, black women are targeted in the same disproportionate numbers as black men. This day of action is critical in fighting the erasure of black women’s stories. According to the report’s introduction:

We have emphasized that Black women and women of color’s experiences of racial profiling and police brutality are not aberrations or distractions from the central conversation, which features cisgender, heterosexual Black men and men…

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When Police Brutality Makes You Scared To Be A Parent

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One of my favorite, thought-provoking podcasts is Another Round and one of the episodes a few weeks ago was about disconnecting from all of the depressing and triggering news about Black boys and girls getting killed by police. It’s an important lesson to remember: sometimes we need to remove ourselves from the news. Because every day it seems like we get a new video of a child being killed by a cop – or an announcement of that cop’s exoneration. It’s tiring. It’s stressful. It’s…debilitating.

In order to combat this war on our psyches, we need to get away from social media and the news so we can get some sanity. On Another Round, Tracy and Heben discussed what they do to disconnect – going to the movies or the park or an art show or something. It really made me think about what I do to disconnect, because…

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Victim In Fairfax Attack To Testify At Pretrial Hearing

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FAIRFAX, Va. (AP) — A woman who was attacked in a 2005 case that authorities have linked to the death of University of Virginia student Hannah Graham will testify at a pretrial hearing next month.

The woman, who now lives in India, will be traveling back to Virginia before trial to determine whether she can identify 33-year-old Jesse Matthew of Charlottesville as her attacker.

Matthew is charged with sexual assault and attempted capital murder in the Fairfax case.

Defense lawyers, though, question whether she can identify Matthew as her attacker. At a hearing Friday in Fairfax, a judge scheduled a June 4 hearing with the victim to determine whether she can reliably identify Matthew as her assailant.

Prosecutors say they also have DNA evidence linking Matthew to the crime.

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