Doing everything but paying attention to the road while driving

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According to research from AT&T, drivers are doing more than just talking and texting while driving. Many are now posting on Facebook and Twitter, snapping selfies and video chatting while driving. This is some scary mess. People, can we put the phones down and pay attention to the roads? I don’t know what’s worse. Drinking while driving or posting to Facebook/Twitter while driving.


Phones are getting smarter, drivers seemingly less so.

A survey released this morning shows that many motorists have expanded their behind-the-wheel activities beyond texting to include using Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter, taking selfies and even shooting videos.

The survey was commissioned by AT&T, itself a phone company, but one that has invested heavily in discouraging distracted driving through its “It Can Wait” public service campaign. The telephone survey was conducted by Braun Research, which polled 2,067 people who own a smartphone and drive at least once…

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Six Baltimore Officers Involved In Freddie Gray’s Death Indicted

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The six Baltimore officers that were charged in conncection with Freddie Gray’s death have been indicted, CNN reports. The indictment comes after a grand jury was presented with evidence for two weeks.

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Some of the initial charges announced by Baltimore State Attorney Marilyn Mosby has been changed but all officers are charged with involuntary manslaughter, illegal arrest, reckles endangerment and misconduct assault. The officer who was driving the van that carried Gray faces the most serious charge, second-degree depraved heart murder.

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If convicted of these charges, these officers can face decades in prison. They will be arriagned on July 2nd.

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Guess The State: 50-Year-Old Granny Arrested For Robbing Three Banks In Less Than 30 minutes

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Florida Woman Arrested For Robbing Three Banks In 30 Minutes

Three bank robberies in 30 minutes? That’s what a 50-year-old woman is accused of after three armed robberies were reported Monday afternoon in the Brandon area.


Cindy Carabeo of Valrico is charged with three counts of armed bank robbery.

These are the suspected robberies. In each case she presented a written note claiming to have a firearm and demanding cash, which she got before fleeing:

— At 3:19 p.m., the BB&T Bank, 655 Brandon Blvd.

— At 3:35 p.m., the Wells Fargo Bank, 204 S. Kings Ave.

— At 3:43 p.m., the Florida Central Credit Union, 334 Oakfield Drive.

Detectives collected information to identify the tag number registered to a four-door, 2004 Suzuki owned by Carabeo, according to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office.

She then pulled into her apartment complex as several deputies, a K9 deputy and…

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Rikers Inmates Break Plexiglas, Rescue Guard From Rape By Convicted Sex Criminal

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Rikers Island JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/Getty Images

A Rikers Island correction officer who was being sexually assaulted by a convicted sex criminal was rescued by inmates after they broke the Plexiglas blocking the locked area in order to stop the prisoner’s attack, the NY Daily News reports.

The attacker, 27-year-old Raleek Young, is serving a five-to-10-year sentence for raping a 13-year-old girl, according to the Daily News exclusive. The “hulking” prisoner, who weighs 290 pounds and stands nearly 6-feet tall, cornered the woman in a locked vestibule inside the Anna M. Kross Center Saturday, pulled down his pants and masturbated while choking her.

Responding officers, with the help of inmates, tore away the Plexiglas surrounding the “bubble-like watch post.” A slim prisoner was able to slid through the small crack and open the security door. That’s when the group of inmates descended on Young.

But despite the brutal and shocking attack, the incident wasn’t…

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Hi Haters: KKK Buys Billboard Near Selma’s Edmund Pettus Bridge Honoring Racist Founder

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The Ku Klux Klan Posts Billboard Near Edmund Pettus Bridge In Selma

Via NYDailyNews

WelKKKome to Selma!

Within sight of the bridge where President Obama will commemorate the 1965 Bloody Sunday march is a billboard set up by a group dedicated to honoring Ku Klux Klan founder Nathan Bedford Forrest.

The sign, set up in recent days, invites visitors to see “Selma’s War Between The States Historic Sites.” But it also features a picture of the Confederate flag and an image of Forrest, who was also a Confederate general.

Beside Forrest’s picture is a quote adopted by his men: “Keep the skeer on ’em.”

In a bizarre twist, the other side of the billboard — a straight shot and about a half-mile east of the Edmund Pettus Bridge — contains a welcome message to President Obama.

“ Welcomes President Barack Obama and you to Selma,” it reads.

Obviously, the folks…

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Man Awarded $9.1 Million 20 Years After Wrongful Conviction & Contracting HIV From Prison Rape

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Man Awarded Millions After Being Wrongfully Convicted & Contracting HIV From Prison Rape

via Washington Post

A D.C. Superior Court judge ordered the District government Friday to pay a record $9.2 million in damages to Kirk L. Odom, 52, who was wrongfully imprisoned for more than 22 years in the rape and robbery of a woman in her Capitol Hill apartment in 1981.

The amount, set by Judge Neal E. Kravitz, is the second — and largest — award in a case tried before a District judge under the District’s wrongful conviction law, which was approved in 1980. It also is one of the largest non-jury awards in an exoneration case in the United States.

“Mr. Odom spent more than twenty-two years of what should have been the prime of his adult life behind bars for a crime he did not commit,” Kravitz wrote in a 37-page opinion that recounted…

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Scandal” Went There: Did Shonda Rhimes Get Ferguson Right?

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Kerry Washington

On this week’s episode of Scandal, art imitated life as Olivia Pope and her team found themselves in the middle of Rosemead—just blocks away from the White House, where an African-American teenager named Brandon Parker was gunned down by a police officer. The storyline closely mirrored the real life murder of Ferguson, Mo. teen Michael Brown, who was shot and killed by police officer Darren Wilson in August 2014.

Here are five striking similarities between last night’s Scandal episode and the events in Ferguson.

1. Brandon was left lying face down in the street.

Scandal included the teen’s father, Clarence – played by Courtney B. Vance – toting a shot-gun at the site where his son was gunned down. The grieving father ultimately sets a chair over his son and sits down, waiting to find out which cop is responsible for his death.

One of the key and…

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