My “Coming Out” Story: Am I A “Trans”/ “Cis” Man/Woman??

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The illusion of the physical is the sole foundation of all ill-doing in this world. The reason for hate. The reason for abuse. The reason for dehumanization and worldwide detriment. The ability for one to “other” another person, is the easiest and most profound culprit, responsible for fueling the wickedness and hate in this world. You see another person, and before you see what you share in common with them, you search out what makes you different from them. That person is tall, you are short. That person is White, you are Black. That person is a man, you are a woman. That person is ugly, you are pretty. And so, forth.

We “other” people, by separating ourselves from them. We separate ourselves from them by contrasting, our similarities from their differences. We look for what makes us different from other people, as a means for unconscious separation. When a…

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#BeyGood: Beyonce Visits Haiti To See Progress Since 2010 Earthquake

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Beyonce haiti

Beyonce Visits Haiti

While her husband was promoting Tidal at his concert, Beyonce and her BeyGood charity recently visited Haiti to see the progress since the devastating 2010 earthquake.

NBC News reports:

Pop queen Beyonce has paid a visit to Haiti to look at the progress made since an earthquake devastated the country five years ago.

Haiti U.N. mission spokeswoman Sophie Boutaud de la Combe said Saturday that Beyonce also was able to “meet some of the people who were affected by” by the 2010 disaster in the impoverished Caribbean country.

De la Combe said the American singer, a 20-time Grammy winner, visited Haiti with Valerie Amos, the United Nations’ humanitarian affairs chief and emergency relief coordinator.

Photos taken during her Haiti visit show Beyonce wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with the name of her charity organization.

It wasn’t immediately clear how long Beyonce’s stop in Haiti was or exactly where…

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Suspect In Custody Confessed To Double Murder

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ROCKVILLE, Md. (AP) — Police have taken a suspect into custody in connection with the double murder of a Rockville couple on Mother’s Day.

Montgomery County police say 31-year-old Scott Tomaszewski was arrested Saturday in Juneau, Alaska, based on a warrant from Maryland. Tomaszewski was on a cruise ship docked in Juneau.

Richard Vilardo and Julianne Vilardo were found dead at their home by a relative on May 10. Montgomery County police say an autopsy confirmed the couple was stabbed to death.

Police Chief Tom Manger says a burglary at the Vilardo’s home 17 years ago led investigators to Tomaszewski and another recent burglary over Easter weekend.

Manger says Tomaszewski confessed to the killings after being questioned by detectives.

Tomaszewski was a neighbor of the Vilardos. Police say he is charged with first-degree murder.

(Copyright 2015 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

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#BlackLivesMatter Natasha McKenna Was Cuffed & Shackled When She Was Fatally Tased

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Natasha McKennaNatasha McKenna’s Hands Were Cuffed & Legs Shackled During Tasing

As officers argue that unarmed Natasha McKenna died from “excited delirium” more questions are being asked about what really happened to the Virginia woman who was fatally tased.

McKenna who was 5’3 130 pounds and mentally ill, was handcuffed and shackled when she was shot four times with a stun gun in February.

She also allegedly had a mask over her face and her last words were “You promised you wouldn’t hurt me,” as six officers left her permanently incapacitated for not bending her knees to be strapped into a chair.


The Washington Post reports:

IT’S BEEN more than three months since a mentally ill woman, Natasha McKenna, died after she was shot four times with a Taser stun gun by a guard in the Fairfax County jail.

Since her death on Feb. 8, county officials have offered repeated…

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Self Love Transforms the Way We Love Others

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self loveFind the sweetness in your own heart, then you may find the sweetness in every heart.  –Rumi

When you really love yourself, you stop trying to be perfect. You painfully figure out (after years of “trying”) that perfection is a myth and the thought that you could ever fit a random definition of what that means is absurd.  Finally, you let yourself off the hook, you give yourself a break, and accept the “good, the bad and the ugly” – – all of who you are. Once this knowledge really sinks in, you take a look around and realize you can stop expecting others to be perfect too. Your sky high ideals weren’t winning you any friends anyway.

When you learn to love yourself, you stop denying your “faults” and start accepting them as part of who you are. You stop hiding behind that false façade of control and let…

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3 Reasons You SHOULD Procrastinate

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We live in a hustle and bustle world. Full of deadlines, sports metaphors, and motivational quotes about smashing through our goals.

In the religion of hustle and bustle, there is but one sin:


We have been so indoctrinated into the world of the hustle that even a momentary lapse of procrastination immediately causes guilt.

We feel guilty because procrastination doesn’t get us to the next stage, it doesn’t get us closer to our dreams, it doesn’t get us anywhere.

We are all in the rat race, blinders up, on full tilt, and there is no reason to slow down.

Unless, there is?

[Spoiler Alert: There is.]

Procrastination For Percolation

Some of our problems feel like brick walls. The non-stop hustlers would tell you to go gung-ho into that wall until you smash through it, but this doesn’t always work.

Archimedes had a problem. His king was given a gold crown…

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Family Speaks Out In Fatal BW Parkway Hit-And-Run

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HYATTSVILLE, Md. (WJZ) —The driver responsible for striking and killing a man on the Baltimore Washington Parkway in February has come forward.

As Tracey Leong reports, the victim’s family is speaking out.

The man surrendered this past week, but the family says the charges he’s facing are far too lenient.

For more than three months, police searched for the driver who hit 38-year-old Rick Warrick and his fiancé Julia Pearce and then kept going.

Warrick was killed in the crash, his wife was also hospitalized.

“We’re human beings, not roadkill, that’s what it makes me feel like roadkill,” said Julia Pearce, fiancée.

On February 1, 2015 Warrick and Pearce were changing their tire on the side of the BW Parkway north of Route 197. Pearce says that one night shattering her world.

“You ruined my life, he doesn’t have one, you ruined his parents life, you ruined his children’s, they…

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Vin Diesel Makes a Tribute to Paul Walker at the MTV Movie Awards

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Vin Diesel sure knows how to tug at our hearts! The Fast and Furious actor took the stage at this year’s MTV Movie Awards to present Shailene Woodley with the Best Female Performance popcorn award and carved out a few special moments to remember his late co-star and friend Paul Walker.

For a personal touch, Diesel referred Walker by his nickname, Pablo. “The last time I stood on this stage, it was with my little brother Pablo,” Diesel said with a smile before he briefly sang a heartfelt rendition of “See You Again”—a Wiz Kahlifa and Charlie Puth song from the Furious 7 soundtrack.

This isn’t the first time Diesel paid a tribute to Walker: the actor even named his newborn daughter Paulina in honor of the late actor. So touching!

PHOTOS: See All the Looks from the 2015 MTV…

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