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Amazon Distributes 2,000 ‘Boxes Of Smiles’ To Baltimore Residents Experiencing Homelessness — CBS Baltimore

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Santa’s sleigh took the form of a delivery truck Tuesday as Amazon distributed 2,000 Boxes of Smiles to local families and individuals who experience homelessness. Inside were essentials like soap and toothpaste. “Items that are in these boxes go a long way,” Shaun Jones said. There were also items like headphones, games and…

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#TheHate: Amazon Boycotting ‘Beyonce’ Album. SMH

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Via The Grio reports:

Target made headlines last week when they said they wouldn’t be carrying the Beyonce’s latest, citing her decision to release the LP exclusively on iTunes first as the reason.

Although physical sales of albums are on the decline, they still sell, so it’s surprising that these big name entities would elect to miss out on potential profits from the critically acclaimed, hit album.

Still, Beyoncé fans can take heart that Wal-Mart stores will carry the CD, a gesture that was not lost on the “Partition” singer, who made a personal appearance at one of their stores this week.

“We’re gonna do whats right for the customer. Our customers obviously love Beyoncé and we want to make sure we have it in stores… and it will be on this Friday,”

Wal-Mart spokesperson Sarah McKinney said.

“We’re releasing the album in approximately 4,000 stores nationwide. Our customers love…

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