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Newly Released Photo Shows That UVA Honor Student Martese Johnson Was Shackled During His Arrest

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Last week, the unfair arrest of University of Virginia junior (and honor) student Martese Johnson ignited protests across his campus. After he was denied entry into local hangout Trinity Bar (over accusations of a fake ID), he was accosted by three Alcoholic Beverage Control agents who went on to beat Johnson to a bloody and bruised pulp, and then he was arrested. A new photo has surfaced and shows Johnson was also chained by the ankles, as he remained cuffed and bruised sitting on back entry of an ambulance truck.

The new photo adds to the disbelief of what should have been a calm situation. Johnson’s face was so drenched with blood, he looked like he just came from battle, so…

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Katt Williams Is Running Out Of Lives

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Troubled comedian Katt Williams got arrested…again. As you may or may not know, last week he was arrested in a Sacremento, CA Target store for slapping an employee. Last night he was arrested after a barfight in Seattle, WA.

You can read the details of his latest arrest here.

How many lives can a Katt have?  This might best describe Katt these days in a tweet I saw:
Katt williams our lindsay lohan

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VIDEO: Juvenile’s Son Young Juve Arrested After Beating Up Girl!

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Young Juve, the son of rapper Juvenile, was busted in Orlando, FL on Halloween for allegedly assaulting a couple leaving a party.

Footage from the altercation has surfaced online and shows Young Juve viciously punching a female who is seen lying on the ground. During the fight, Juvenile (in a black t-shirt) is seen trying to restrain his son and escorts him to a waiting SUV before driving off.

Young Juve says the fight broke out because his mother and sister had been disrespected by the couple (mainly the male).  He tweeted,


Though the clip only shows him assaulting the female, it can be assumed from the tweets that he also hit the male.  He also tweeted that people will understand what happened once more fight videos are posted.  I guess that’s how we’re proving points now…waiting on videos of the fight.


Ironically, Juvenile had his own Florida brawl a…

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