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Who is Carlos A. Murray – Life

Carlos Alexander Murray



Born in Gary, Indiana, May 13, 1973, Carlos Alexander Murray definitely became a product of his environment. Plagued with the ghost of three’s, Carlos has survived the passing of 3 siblings; an older brother, Torriano ‘MC Scoop’, and 2 younger sisters, Lakeesha and Cashmere. Being a native of these venomous streets of the Murder Capital, he spent his teenage years heavily engaging in going to church, selling drugs, pimping, and playing basketball.

Being a member of Roosevelt High School’s 1991 State-Championship, basketball team, a scholarship is what saves this young man’s life. Graduating from Central College in McPherson, Kansas, Carlos finishes his 3rd year attending Elmhurst College in Illinois.

Taking a turn of greatness or some may say a fall from success, Carlos A. Murray starts various businesses, along with his own record label which was first established by his older, deceased brother. As the music scene begins to take off, Carlos also stumbles on the set of the Big Screen which welcomes him into an acting career. Making his debut, Carlos co-stars in the motion picture ORIGINAL GANGSTERS which was filmed in Gary/East Chicago. He then began taking acting lessons at Act-One Studios located downtown Chicago while also modeling for BODY & BODY Swimwear.

Caught by a snag of the Federal Government, Mr. Murray’s life is put on pause with a 5 year sentence of incarceration. Here, he takes a stand to carve his future and set his own destiny. Here, he spends the majority of his hours writing. These writings thus became the voice and source of relaxation by all eager to read his creative thoughts. “My writings helped me get through it all as most had abandoned me…”

Now faced with a new start of life after being attracted to film and entertainment, Mr. Murray transfers his own visions into creative sparks of literature in which he currently has over 20 works-of-art completed ranging from Urban, Sci-fi, to Drama and Action. Carlos welcomes all to enter into his World of Imagination. Mr. Carlos Alexander Murray divides his time between Illiana (THE MIDWEST) and Atlanta, GA.


Authors of ‘Single Man, Married Man’ Say Women Can Keep Their Men By Catering To Him

Black America Web

[ione_abacast_player uid=”6294″ popupurl=”http://filesource.abacast.com/reachmediainc/010615/010615JR.mp3″ version=”v5″]

Jacque Reid talks to Jean Altere and Jickael Bazin, just two of the authors of Single Man, Married Man, a book about women who want love in 2015. The book provides unique perspectives from eight different men who each have interesting views on how women should cater to men to keep their men.

“One of the main reasons we put the book together is because it’s been dictated that men are simple. We wanted this to be used as a tool to longer relationships.”

On the men surveyed:

“We put out a survey on our website. We got responses from a couple of hundred of men. We found that younger guys were focused on their careers while the older guys were looking for a foundation and someone to build a family with.”

Click the link above to hear the entire interview.

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Let’s get fiscal! Author Terry McMillan discusses the looming cliff

One thing I can say about Terry McMillan, if she isn’t writing a book, she waste no time writing venting on Twitter. She surely voices her opinion on any political topic that makes the news. Knowledge is certainly power.

Find author Dennis Lehane’s dog, be in his next book

The Marquee Blog

When a beloved pet goes missing, the owner typically puts up signs around his or her neighborhood, offering a nominal reward for the animal’s safe return.

Dennis Lehane doesn’t do things that way.

The acclaimed author of “Mystic River” and “Shutter Island” informed fans on his Facebook page that  he will name a character in his next book after anyone who can help get his pet beagle back home.  His dog Tessa went missing in Massachusetts on Christmas Eve.

Lehane spoke to CNN’s Starting Point panel about his unique offer.  Watch the video above to hear why he made such a reward, and whether the character in question will be a hero or villain.

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Upcoming author, Terry M. Walker -Shaded by Love

Shaded by Love
By Terry M. Walker
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, 2003

As Naldo waited for the arrival of his sworn enemy, he showed his girlfriend how
to work the video camera. “When you’re ready to film, just press this button okay?”
“Okay,” she said nervously. “Why do you want to video this anyway, Naldo?
What if the wrong person got hold of the tape somehow? They would be able to use it
against you.”
“I’ve been waiting a long time to bring this young punk down, Mami. He thinks
he can’t be touched, but I’m going to show him that he can. Besides, who’s going to be
gutsy enough to turn in evidence against me, huh?” He tenderly palmed her cheek.
“I’m scared baby. What if he sees me? What should I do then?”
“Keep videoing.” When he saw her worried expression he said, “Don’t worry,
everything’s going to be okay. What is he going to do? There are seven of us against just
one of him.” He chucked her under the chin. “If we include you it would make eight of
us.” He smiled to give her some reassurance. “I need you to hide behind that wall over
there.” He pointed to where he wanted her to go.
“Alright.” Worriedly, she said, “Naldo, please be careful okay? I heard he’s not a
person you would want to go up against.”
“Mamita, you worry too much.” Naldo gave her a kiss on the lips. “Now go hide
yourself and remember to be quiet. If by chance he does take all of us down, which I
seriously doubt, try not to bring attention to yourself by panicking, okay? I don’t want
anything to happen to you.” He kissed her again, and then gently pushed her towards the
hiding place.
The woman made her way over to the hiding spot just before the mystery man
appeared. “Naldo?” The younger man said confused. “What are you doing here?”
“What’s up young blood? Glad you could join us,” Naldo said cheerfully. “I’ve
been waiting a long time to get you alone.”
“Oh damn,” the younger man said under his breath. Immediately, he knew he had
messed up. It was all a lie to get him alone. How did he allow himself to be lured by this
punk ass? He should’ve known that it was a trap right off the bat. But he was told that his
aunt was being held against her will. He tried to reach her numerous times, but she didn’t
answer her phones nor was anyone able to tell him where she was. That caused him more
worry. Whenever the people he loves are in trouble, especially his family, he will risk
anything to save them. He would’ve brought backup. But to be honest, he wasn’t given
much time to round up anyone. Besides, they threatened to harm her if he did.
He looked at the men around him. There were six of them in addition to Naldo.
He knew each of their names… Alex, Antonio, Pedro, Miguel, Sergio, and Emilio. The
seven men had him surrounded with no means of escape. However, he wasn’t afraid nor
was he worried the tiniest of bits. What they don’t realize is that he has studied the
Martial Arts since he was three years old and has earned a solid red belt, the highest rank
there is, in defense. He is a master and unless one of them decides to shoot him, and it
would have to be in the head or his heart because the young man’s body is nothing but a
solid mass of muscles, he will have no problem doing fatal damage to each of them in a
matter of three minutes. That is all the time it will take for him to put them down and
walk away unscathed.
Naldo spoke. “Needless to say, we don’t have your aunt. As far as I know, she’s
lying around in some dudes bed making his night very special.” He laughed at his own
remark. “So what you gonna do now, nigga? You don’t have your boys with you this
time and we out number you seven to one; sounds to me like your ass is finally gonna
meet your maker,” Naldo smirked. The other men snickered and gave each other daps.
Naldo Santiago, a member of one of the younger man’s rival families, has always
been a thorn in his side. The Santiago’s have been coveting what his father created…a
colossal empire…since he can remember. Why the hell they think he would just lie down
and allow them to steal what his father and now he has worked so hard to build is beyond
him. Don’t they realize that he is his father’s child? That shit never happened while his
father was alive, and it sure as hell won’t happen while he’s alive either.
The younger man gestured to the men surrounding him. “Well first, I’m going to
snap the necks of all your hoodlum friends.” He hunched his shoulders before saying,
“Sorry fellas. It’s nothing personal. As a matter of fact, if you choose to leave now, I
wouldn’t hold it against you. Actually, it would be the wisest decision you ever made.”
Naldo shook his head. “See? That’s why I never liked your ass. And to be
truthful, that’s why no one likes your ass. You’re so damn cocky, man. You walk around
acting like you own the damn world or something…like you’re invincible. But you don’t
own the world, nigga, and you’re most definitely not invincible.”
“Well we both know that this has been a long time coming. So why don’t we just
cut to the chase and get this over with. I have things to do, places to go, people to see.
You hear what I’m saying?”
Naldo turned to his thugs and said, “See how this nigga roll? He cracks me the
hell up. I almost admire the damn man for real…almost.” Naldo faced his nemesis again.
“If things were different, we would probably be friends.” He shook his head and said to
his men, “Kill his ass. I’m tired of looking at him.”
The younger man, who stood well over six feet tall, calmly went into a Tachi
Waza (a judo standing position), bending his knees and relaxing his arms and hands. He
did this so that he will be positioned to react fast to his attackers’ assaults. He quickly
glanced at his watch. The time is now ten thirty-five. This shouldn’t take long, he thought
to himself.
As the first man came at him, he used both his arms to grab the man and toss him
over his shoulders. The man went crashing into the pavement of the roof, back first. The
sound of his spine cracking was enough to make you cringe. He won’t be getting up.
Two other men came forward to attack the young man. However, before they had
a chance to make contact with him, he grabbed the left side of one of his attackers and
swept the man’s feet from beneath him, causing him to fall to the ground. He threw a
huge fist at the second guy, connecting directly with the center of the man’s throat. He
felt the man’s Adam’s apple crumble. The poor guy grabbed at his neck, trying to gasp
for air before falling to the ground in spasms.
The guy that he had pinned to the ground was trying to free himself of his grasp.
However, he had a very strong grip on him. He turned to the guy and grabbed his head
between the palms of his hands and did a quick, but fatal yank to the right. He was
satisfied when he heard the bones snap. The man now lay lifeless.
From his peripheral view, he could see that another man aimed a gun his way. He
grabbed the lifeless body of the man he had just killed and shielded himself from the rain
of bullets that flew at him. He threw the lifeless body towards the man shooting at him,
catching the man off guard. He then moved at lightning speed to apprehend the gun,
which he used to shoot his assailant in the head. When he turned to the two remaining
goons, they both tried to run. But they didn’t run fast enough. He put a bullet through the
back of each mans’ skull and watched in satisfaction as they both fell to the ground
simultaneously. Six down, one to go.
The man turned to face his nemesis, Naldo. He always knew it would come to
this. As a matter of fact, he’s glad this day is finally here. Now he can get rid of this
nigga once and for all.
“And then there were two,” the younger man stated.
“Soon there’s going to be just one,” Naldo responded. That’s when the younger
man noticed the gun in his hand. Naldo already had it aimed and cocked.
“You ain’t lying about that brotha. Only one of us will be left standing. I can
assure you, it won’t be you.” The younger man smiled with cocky certainty.
“I can say this much about you, young blood. Your ass is cocky until the very
Naldo pulled the trigger and two shots rang out. He watched as his longtime
enemy fell to the ground face down. Naldo walked over to him cautiously. Everyone who
knows this bastard also knows that he is a sneaky son of a bitch. He kicked at the younger
man’s leg but he didn’t budge. Naldo let out a deep chuckle. Finally, someone has bested
the head of this rival family and that someone is him! He can’t wait to tell the other
families. This will make him the big man. Hell yeah! He is the man, damn it!
Naldo felt a powerful blow to his knee cap right before he crumbled to the ground
in excruciating pain. “Aaaaaaah, shit!” He yelled out. “What the fuck?” Naldo looked up
to find the younger man now hovering over him. “Oh shit!” He hurriedly aimed to shoot,
but the other man snatched the gun out of his grasp. How the hell did he move that fast?
Why isn’t he dead? Naldo knows he shot the damn man. He had to have…didn’t he? Yet,
Naldo saw no blood anywhere on the younger man’s body. All he saw was his murderous
Naldo tried to stand, but the pain was too unbearable. So he began to crawl away
as quickly as possible. Of course there was no use. The next thing Naldo knew, he was
being lifted off the ground and carried over to the edge of the roof. “Oh shit man! What
the fuck are you doing?”
The younger man never answered. When he got to the edge of the building, he
tossed Naldo over it like a sack of potatoes. All that could be heard was Naldo’s frantic
screams as he fell thirty stories to his eventual death. The young man waited for the
screams to end and then suddenly there were no more. He smirked at the quietness of the
Turning to the other men scattered around the rooftop, he shook his head. They
should’ve left when he gave them the chance. Moving away from the wall, he walked
over to where Naldo dropped his gun and lifted it from the ground. The younger man
then proceeded to put a bullet through the heads of each man lying around. He had to
make certain they were all dead. The last thing he needed was for one of them to try and
get back at him or his family in retaliation.
Once he was convinced that neither of them will ever breathe again, he decided to
head home. As he walked to the door leading to the stairs, he glanced down at his watch.
Damn! Five minutes…that took longer than he thought it would. It doesn’t matter. Today
was a good day.
The woman covered her mouth as tears rolled down her eyes. Oh my God! He
killed them. He killed every last one of them. She wanted to scream, but was too afraid
that the man would come after her next. It took all that she had not to yell out in panic
when she saw him toss Naldo over the roof. But she remembered Naldo’s last words to
her, “Don’t panic.” Fortunately, she got it all on tape and will be taking it straight to
Naldo’s father. Mr. Santiago is going to want that man’s blood for this. There is no doubt
that he will make that bastard pay for what he did to her Naldo!

Copyright © 2012 by Terry M. Walker.
All rights reserved.

To purchase your copy, http://www.amazon.com/Shaded-Love-Terry-M-Walker/dp/0985248432

Be on the lookout for book signing by Terry M. Walker at Bag Lady Boutique, coming soon.