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Kevin Hart Hosts SNL: Watch Video of the Best and Worst Sketches


Kevin Hart fans, I hope you enjoyed The Wedding Ringer this weekend. Because, unfortunately, his Saturday Night Live hosting gig was a pretty dismal affair — packed with head-scratching sketches that should never have made it past the brainstorming stages.

Thankfully, Kate McKinnon helped salvage the hour by introducing a delightfully wacky “Weekend Update” character and skewering everybody’s least-favorite celebrity spokesperson.

Below, my picks for the night’s best and worst sketches.

BEST: Mrs. Santini
McKinnon’s grinning but cantankerous apartment dweller read scathing notes directed at her neighbors — including “the Mario Batali of hot garbage.” Her description of an infected earring hole and explanation of how a vet’s office is similar to a Dunkin’ Donuts were utterly wrong — and totally guffaw-inducing.

BEST: Justin Bieber for Calvin Klein
McKinnon’s delicious takedown of the pint-sized poser included sipped juice boxes, tragic pushups and Cecily Strong as a supermodel cringing her way through supposedly…

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Chris Rock Spotted With New Mystery Woman In St. Barts

92 Q

malaak-and-chris Chris Rock and estranged wife Malaak Compton-Rock.

Ok so what has it been… like a week???

Just days ago, Chris Rock announced that he is filing for divorce from his wife of 20 years.  It didn’t take long for Chris to step out on the town with a new lady. The unidentified mystery woman accompanied Chris on a New Year’s getaway to St. Barts.

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Just last week, Chris estranged wife, Malaak Compton-Rock defended herself against claims that she was keeping Chris away from their two daughters. Compton-Rock says the claims made by her husband are untrue and easy to disprove.

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Sheryl Underwood Addresses Comedienne Conference Call and Backlash Afterwards

Atlanta Daily World

*Sheryl Underwood’s revelation about comediennes talking about her during a conference call are still being felt as she opened up about the situation Thursday during an appearance on Power 105’s “The Breakfast Club.” Underwood touched on the reason why she shared the story on “The Talk” in addition to why she never addressed the other [?]

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Chris Rock Has Some Words For Janet Jackson…And It Ain’t No Joke!

97.9 The Box


Chris Rock is one of the greatest comedians of our time. Rock is definitely in my TOP 5 (shameless plug for his movie that just dropped this weekend). As comedy SHOULD go…he goes against the grain…he speaks his truth…and he’s able to relate to audiences of multiple demographics. BUT there’s one entertainer that has a little beef with him: Janet (Ms. Jackson if you’re nasty). Find out what their feud is about HERE:

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Kevin Hart’s Perfect Response To Sony Email Leaks

93.1 WZAK

Responding to a widening scandal in the wake of leaked emails from Sony that referred to him as a “whore,” actor and stand-up comedian Kevin Hart delivered the perfect response in an Instagram post Thursday.

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?Knowing your self worth is extremely important people…I worked very hard to get to where I am today. I look at myself as a brand and because of that I will never allow myself to be taking advantage of. I OWN MY BRAND…I MAKE SMART DECISIONS FOR MY BRAND…I PROTECT MY BRAND…which is why I?m able to brush ignorance off of my shoulder and continue to move forward. I refuse to be broken people…with that being said its now time for me to get back to building this empire that I?ve always dreamed of!!!!?

The response comes after hacktivists released scads of messages between Sony Pictures…

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