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A Talk with Damon Dash about Black America



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Someone I know works closely with a Jewish businessman. *One day, the two had an honest conversation, in which the Jewish man asked, “Do you know what my Jewish friends call the black community?”

My friend said, “No, what do they call us?”

He replied, “We call you liquid money. The same way that water falls out of a man’s hands, money typically seeps out of a black person’s hands the same way. Your community gets money and immediately gives it all away to people who aren’t black. *We see that as a huge business opportunity.”

He then used the example of many black people on payday or when we get our tax refunds. *He noted how we’ll go to an Indian business to cash the check, an Asian hair salon, a corner store owned by Arabs and a department store owned by whites. *He explained how, when it’s all said and done, these other business people are waiting like hungry animals to eat our bank accounts as if we are the prey.

This is not an attack on Jewish people, but a lesson on how ignorant we look when we keep giving all of our money away. *Part of the New Paradigm Construct is to help all of us understand the importance of finding ways to keep money in our own communities, the same way you plant a seed from a piece of fruit in order to grow more fruit in your garden. If you’re always waiting for someone else to feed you, you are typically an inch or two away from starvation.

It’s something to think about.

Here’s the lesson:

1) In America, you have no almost no power if you don’t own something. *There is no pride in a platform on which you sit if it can be taken away from you on a second’s notice. *You have been seduced into believing that you have real power, when the truth is that you do not.

2) If we never learn the value of supporting of black-owned businesses, we are always going to be disappointed. *We are going to have the highest unemployment rates, the lowest wealth levels and the greatest degrees of frustration. *When I had a three hour personal conversation with Min. Louis Farrakhan (followed by a nine-hour closed economic summit a month later), one point that he made (which I agree with entirely) is that black people can learn a great deal from watching how the Jewish community handles it’s wealth. *In order for us to grow as a people, we must realize this important fact: *Our money is our power and we cannot give it all away.

Damon Dash Gets Visit From Cops, Courtesy of Ex-Wife Rachel Roy [WATCH]

Black America Web

They may have called it quits in 2009, but Damon Dash and Rachel Roy continue to go back and forth as their kids are caught in the middle.

2006 New Yorkers For Children Fall Gala

Reports say Roy had police waiting for Dash at his house in light of her kid been “AWOL from school. Adding to the drama are claims from the fashion designer that Dash is an abusive stoner with a history of domestic violence.

Court documents reveal that Roy wants Dash’s visitation rights taken away amid claims that the music mogul is an unfit father to his two daughters, Ava and Tallulah.

Dash counters his ex, saying that Roy is using the kids as pawns in what he believe is some kind of power play. Despite all this, TMZ noted that Dash isn’t specific as far as what he believes Roy wants from him. To further emphasize his point that Roy is guilty of…

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Be A Boss: Dame Dash Defends His Harlem Money-Making Logic To All You Chatty Patties


Dame Dash Explains His Breakfast Club Interview

Dame Dash’s infamous Breakfast Club interview has hit viral capacity. The former Rocafella CEO recently clarified his ‘don’t call another man daddy’ logic and says you chatty patties have the game all wrong!

Via S2S Magazine reports:

Damon Dash talks about how people can gain financial independence and responds to the criticism he received after his Breakfast Club interview. He sat down with Hip Hop Motivations Kenyatta “The Barbara Walters Of Hip Hop” in the video.

“Our job is to protect our generations”…The difference between me and everybody else is instead of buying the Bugatti right now I’m gonna invest in an art gallery …with a million dollars I’m not gonna buy something to drive, that’s just me.”

In addition to that, streetwear company Karmaloop may have to close its doors unless investors can come in and save the day and Dame Dash…

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Dame Dash Gets Into Filmmaking, Swears He’s “The Next Woody Allen”


Dame Dash reacts to Solange Jay Z elevator fight

Damon Dash Jumps Into Flimmaking

Could Dame Dash hop into the Oscar race next year? Via Page Six:

Damon Dash, who filed a $25 million lawsuit against director Lee Daniels in August, claiming he owes him money from his investment in “The Butler” and other movies, is about to become a filmmaker himself.

We’re told Dash will be producing, directing and financing three movies. The music mogul was spotted filming “Mixed Nuts” at Chelsea nightclub The Lenora last week, where he was heard immodestly calling himself the “next Woody Allen” (we assume he just means in the filmmaking sense).

We’re told the project spotlights comedian Smokey Suarez, whom Dash calls “the new Richard Pryor.” Dash, when he isn’t busy being the “new Woody Allen,” will also ­appear in the film.

Hmmm….what do you think BOSSIP fam? Could Dame make some pretty poppington films?

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Dame Dash wants CEO Beef ???

Z 107.9

Damon Dash Faces Forclosure Again! (thumbnail)

(AllHipHop News) Earlier today, Dame Dash responded to Funkmaster Flex’s rant during his appearance on The Combat Jack Show last night(June 5th). In his interview he explains why he wants to have “CEO beef”, Funkmaster Flex, Steve Stoute helping Jay Z get sued and more. Dame Dash was one of the most powerful record executives during one of Hip Hop most volatiles times in the early 2000s. During that time his Roc-A-Fella artists had engaged in beefs with D-Block, Nas and others. However, Dash now feels that CEOs should no longer benefit from rapper beef

These CEOs  have made so much money off of rap beef for so long. It’s not like when two rappers have a problem with each other they sit them down to squash it. They actually put a battery in their back. Sort of like a battery might have been in Flex’s back and have them beef with each…

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