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The Death Of Whitney Houston Inspired Gabrielle Union

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On the day of Whitney’s death just 3 years ago today, Gabrielle Union was in a meeting with the producers of Being Mary Jane. At one point the conversation was all about Gabrielle’s rising star. At the same time, everyone in the room was solemn and distracted by the news of Whitney Houston’s passing. It made Gabrielle think about what she wanted her legacy to be. She decided that she wanted to be known for playing challenging roles that exemplified real people and real struggles. Click here to read more.

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RIP: JayAre of ‘Cali Swag District’ Dies

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Very sad news coming out of the West Coast, as a second member of the group, Cali Swag District, has died. 25 year old, JayAre (born Cheron Childs) has passed away after a long fight with Sickle Cell!

Get more details about his death, here!

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Time to Reflect


According to New York Daily News, 16 year old, Iquan Williams, was shot at a neighborhood party hours after family warned him not to partake.

As sad as this story is, it was his destiny. It is stated that one should honor thy mother and father and when you go against the grain, there are consequences. When Christ was placed on the cross, we were being prepared for senseless deaths. As parents we often wonder where did we go wrong, only if we can turn back the hands of time, but  unfortunately time waits for no one and keeps ticking. The world is full of hate and anger that it supersedes love, patience and understanding. It truly bothers me that our young men are dissipating in unfathomable numbers and leaves me concerned about the future of our leadership.

Positive actions from family members in each household could be the strength of change to make the world a better place. If you can, please take the time to reach out to anyone and share an act of kindness. All it takes is to give someone a smile, compliment, I love you or just a phone call. The next time you think about texting someone, call them. When you want to send an email to a distance loved one, write a letter. When your family member leaves the house give them a kiss or hug and wish them well, you never know when it might be the last time you get to do any of these things. Please feel free to share this with the world.

You Can’t Be Fawking Serious! NYC “Subway Pusher” Says He Killed Man Because He Was Angry About Lost Timberland Boots!

I never knew Timberland Boots were life threatening; I guess this explains why I never owned a pair. SOB


Naeem Davis

This guy is out of his damn mind!

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