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Officer Accused Of Tampering With Evidence Says Drug Discovery Was Legitimate — CBS Baltimore

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A Baltimore Police Department officer seen in a body camera video that the Public Defender’s Office says shows evidence being tampered with says the drug discovery was legitimate. According to our media partner The Baltimore Sun, the officer wrote an internal police memo defending his actions, and explained what happened. The officer says the…

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Ginuwine’s Wife Sole Says Her Husband “Needs Help”

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Wow! There has been a lot of speculation over the last year or so regarding the mental stability of TGT singer Ginuwine but his own wife has now joined in the conversation and she isn?t backing him up either?or at least not the way you would think.

According to Vlad TV, Ginuwine recently posted a pic of his daughter surrounded by dollar bills on Instagram making it look as though she was a stripper! The R&B singer initially uploaded the photo with the caption,

 ?My daughter just came in. Should I be worried?,?

He then changed the caption to,

?Man I gotta stay home more. This is getting catastrophic.?

Fans and critics alike continued to speculate on what was going on in the photo which prompted Ginuwine?s wife, Sole to go on IG to clear things up.

Said Sole of the pic,

?That was NOT my daughters money that…

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WTF?! Couple Catches Cocaine Trafficking Charges For Homemade Soap

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Annadel Cruz and Alexander Bernstein spent a month in jail because police believed that two packages of soap were cocaine.

They were pulled over for going 5 miles above the speed limit.  The cop said he smelled marijuana and the woman admitted to smoking earlier and having some in her bra.  The cop then searched the car and found two packages of soap that reportedly tested positive for cocaine.  The two were sent to jail for cocaine trafficking charges and other charges.  A month later officials determined that the soap was actually soap and not cocaine.  They were immediately released and charges were dropped.

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Police Find Drugs, Guns & Abused Animals Inside West Baltimore Home

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BALTIMORE (WJZ) —  City police find drugs, guns and abused animals inside a West Baltimore home.

Officers recovered large amounts of marijuana, handguns and nearly a dozen dogs from a home in the 500-block of Fulton Avenue.

At least one dog and a cat were also found dead in the backyard.

The surviving animals were rescued by officers and secured by the animal control.

Three suspects are now in custody. Two face dogfighting, animal cruelty and neglect charges.

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