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Floyd Mayweather’s Marriage Proposal To Ms. Jackson Via Text Is A Must-Read

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Shantel Jackson,Shantel Jackson put some old text messages on display during her recent lawsuit against Floyd Mayweather. The two have been in a very heated war over the past year, with the model suing the champ for domestic abuse, invasion of privacy, and defamation.

In those aforementioned legal documents, we found out that last year, the undefeated boxing champion wanted to marry Ms. Jackson ? but only if she got her attitude in order. The proposal was sent via text message. Via TMZ:

?This is what I offer to you. Let?s get married move in together you can go back in forth to L.A and stay at the condo.?

?I promise I will get you in 3 A list movies this year and I?m willing to go to counseling to make us work and you can get the stuff you want and I?m willing to change but I need…

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Did Floyd Mayweather Have His Ex-Girlfriend’s Crib Robbed ?

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Floyd Mayweather’s lady friend Princess Love allegedly tried to stick him for his paper and 8 Rolexes, but insiders close to the situation say that not only did the robbery only involve 2 Rolexes, but that Floyd may have been behind the whole thing himself because he was angry the beauty left him!!! –

source http://bossip.com/849628/bossip-exclusive-did-floyd-mayweather-have-his-ex-girlfriends-crib-robbed-and-set-her-up-for-the-fall/?utm=obnetwork#sthash.eppe7JRR.dpuf

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Floyd Mayweather Watched Stephanie Moseley & Earl Hayes’ Murder-Suicide On FaceTime, Hayes Accused Wife Of Cheating With Trey Songz (DETAILS)

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On Monday, Hit The Floor star Stephanie Moseley was found dead next to her rapper husband in an apparent murder-suicide and it seems that Floyd Mayweather, friend to the couple, watched the tragic incident play out in real-time.

According to TMZ, the boxer was on FaceTime with friend Earl Hayes when the rapper pulled out the gun and shot his significant other. Hayes then killed himself.

Sources tell us … rapper Earl Hayes called Floyd on FaceTime Monday morning in a rage, over claims his wife — VH1 star Stephanie Moseley — had been unfaithful.

According to our Floyd sources, Earl said he was going to kill his wife. The champ was pleading with him to get a grip … to no avail. Floyd will not say how much he saw, but he acknowledges he was a witness and heard everything.

The source said Mayweather is having a tough time dealing with what he…

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[Video] Floyd Mayweather Jr Enlist Which Singer To Help Him Train For His Next Fight « 1025 KSFM

[Video] Floyd Mayweather Jr Enlist Which Singer To Help Him Train For His Next Fight « 1025 KSFM

[Video] Floyd Mayweather Jr Enlist Which Singer To Help Him Train For His Next Fight « 1025 KSFM.

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Floyd Mayweather Denies Making Claims He Slept With T.I.’s Wife Tiny



Just when the world thought that Floyd Mayweather‘s beef with T.I. was over, the boxer took another jab at the King of the South!

Fighters are known to talk a lot of smack during fight press conferences, but the shots are usually aimed at their opponents.

While promoting his upcoming rumble with Marcos Maidana, one reporter asked Floyd why he was beefing with Tip. While it has nothing to do with the fight, Floyd said, “He thinks I was f**king his b*tch.” Look for it around the 2:17 mark in the video below.

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Originally people thought that Floyd claimed, “He just mad I was f**king his b*tch.” The boxing champ cleared htings up by giving the correct quote to TMZ.

Either way, this sheds a bit more light on why T.I. jumped Floyd back in May. At the time…

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Floyd Mayweather Has Awkward Run-In With His Ex Miss Jackson [VIDEO]

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feb24-floyd-mayweatherWhen boxing champion Floyd Mayweather?s fiancée Miss Jackson left him, he expressed his hurt by lashing out at her via social media. Mayweather blasted her on Instagram by calling her everything but a child of God. He then took it too far when he posted a photo on the social site and claimed the reason he and Miss Jackson were no longer together was because she aborted their twins. Month after that tasteless action, Mayweather had a rather awkward run-in with Miss Jackson at a party in Los Angeles.


Miss Jackson was enjoying herself at a BET Awards pre-party at Hollywood night spot The Attic on Thursday. It was all good until Jackson spied Floyd Mayweather enter the establishment with a new woman with him. Miss Jackson got quiet and retreated to a corner and talked to a friend. Mayweather, on the other hand, wanted to talk to…

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Money Ain’t a Thang!!?? ‘MoneyMayweather’ Bets $10 Million On Broncos In Super Bowl 48?