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Who is Carlos A. Murray – Life

Carlos Alexander Murray



Born in Gary, Indiana, May 13, 1973, Carlos Alexander Murray definitely became a product of his environment. Plagued with the ghost of three’s, Carlos has survived the passing of 3 siblings; an older brother, Torriano ‘MC Scoop’, and 2 younger sisters, Lakeesha and Cashmere. Being a native of these venomous streets of the Murder Capital, he spent his teenage years heavily engaging in going to church, selling drugs, pimping, and playing basketball.

Being a member of Roosevelt High School’s 1991 State-Championship, basketball team, a scholarship is what saves this young man’s life. Graduating from Central College in McPherson, Kansas, Carlos finishes his 3rd year attending Elmhurst College in Illinois.

Taking a turn of greatness or some may say a fall from success, Carlos A. Murray starts various businesses, along with his own record label which was first established by his older, deceased brother. As the music scene begins to take off, Carlos also stumbles on the set of the Big Screen which welcomes him into an acting career. Making his debut, Carlos co-stars in the motion picture ORIGINAL GANGSTERS which was filmed in Gary/East Chicago. He then began taking acting lessons at Act-One Studios located downtown Chicago while also modeling for BODY & BODY Swimwear.

Caught by a snag of the Federal Government, Mr. Murray’s life is put on pause with a 5 year sentence of incarceration. Here, he takes a stand to carve his future and set his own destiny. Here, he spends the majority of his hours writing. These writings thus became the voice and source of relaxation by all eager to read his creative thoughts. “My writings helped me get through it all as most had abandoned me…”

Now faced with a new start of life after being attracted to film and entertainment, Mr. Murray transfers his own visions into creative sparks of literature in which he currently has over 20 works-of-art completed ranging from Urban, Sci-fi, to Drama and Action. Carlos welcomes all to enter into his World of Imagination. Mr. Carlos Alexander Murray divides his time between Illiana (THE MIDWEST) and Atlanta, GA.


VIDEO: Juvenile’s Son Young Juve Arrested After Beating Up Girl!

Z 107.9

Young Juve, the son of rapper Juvenile, was busted in Orlando, FL on Halloween for allegedly assaulting a couple leaving a party.

Footage from the altercation has surfaced online and shows Young Juve viciously punching a female who is seen lying on the ground. During the fight, Juvenile (in a black t-shirt) is seen trying to restrain his son and escorts him to a waiting SUV before driving off.

Young Juve says the fight broke out because his mother and sister had been disrespected by the couple (mainly the male).  He tweeted,


Though the clip only shows him assaulting the female, it can be assumed from the tweets that he also hit the male.  He also tweeted that people will understand what happened once more fight videos are posted.  I guess that’s how we’re proving points now…waiting on videos of the fight.


Ironically, Juvenile had his own Florida brawl a…

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Floyd Mayweather loses first fight and lands in jail

Yes, the undefeated Floyd Mayweather may have had his share of victories in the ring, but when it came for his time in court to face Judge Melissa Saragosa for a domestic dispute against the mother his children, it was a battle he did not win. Back in December, Mayweather was given an 87-day jail sentence that he will begin on Friday. Originally, he was to begin his sentence in January, but Mayweather’s lawyers requested that his sentence start date be postponed to June 1, so he could fight Miguel Cotto back on May 5 in Las Vegas that generated $94 million in PPV sales, reported by HBO. This was the second-highest grossing pay-per-view for a non-heavyweight fight in history in which Mayweather earned approximately $45 million to $50 million.

If Mayweather is able to control his temper and keep his hands to himself while at the Clark County Detention Center in Las Vegas, he will be eligible to receive a shorter term for good behavior. It is possible for him to refrain from any contact with the general population at least for the first week while he is under administrative isolation. Mayweather will be able to reapply for this boxing license as long as he does not push his jail report date back beyond June 1, serve his sentence and attend community service and counseling sessions as required by Justice Saragosa, reported by the executive director of the Nevada Athletic Commission, Keith Kizer.

Will this be enough time for Mayweather ro reflect over his career and make a decision whether to step back into the ring to face Manny Pacquiao or hang up his gloves to retirement. Well, we won’t find out until December, when Mayweather is released from prison.