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How I: oxidize sterling silver w/ eggs

Inspiration MYCreation

How to: oxidize sterling silver w/ eggs   Oxidizing jewelry is something I find myself doing a lot lately. I find it fun and easy. Simply follow along with the photos and simple steps. Step 1: Buy a couple dozens of eggs (I used way too many eggs for my project in the beginning.. I recommend not wasting food). Using boiled eggs can be hard work but it is rather safe than some of the other chemicals used for oxidizing jewelry. In another post I will show you how I oxidize by using Liquid of Sulfur. For this project I used 2 eggs for about 6 rings, two Ziploc medium sized bags, two paper towels, a small size sauce pan for boiling the eggs, string, scissors, and foil. Step 2: Boil the eggs in about 2 cups of water for about 15-20 minutes. Put the eggs in the pot before you add the water to avoid…

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DIY Alphabet Bracelet


I love a bit of 90s nostalgia and these DIY Alphabet bracelets certainly take me back to my primary school days. These retro cool pieces of arm candy are simple to make and look adorable stacked up on the wrists. Time to start DIYing!

What you need:

  • Alphabet beads (spelling out whatever words you want)
  • Fishing wire
  • Clasps
  • Jump Rings
  • Bead Tips
  • Gold Chain
  • Scissors

Alphabet Bracelet Materials


  1. Cut a length of fishing wire, tie a triple knot in one end. Slip a bead tip onto fishing wire and secure around the knot.
  2. Thread the alphabet beads onto the fishing wire to spell out your words. Slip another bead tip onto the wire, tie a triple knot and secure the bead tip around the knot.Alphabet Bracelet Words
  3. Link the bead tip onto one end of a chain and the other bead tip to the other end.
  4. Cut the chain in half, secure half the…

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DIY Jewelled Friendship Bracelet


Got some time on your hands and some spare thread? Then you should definitely give bracelet braiding a go! I did quite a few Friendship Bracelet DIYs last summer – studded and chain-embellished – and I’m still loving them! If you couldn’t tell already, I’m loving all things bling and after picking up this lovely rhinestone embellishment, decided it’d be perfectly matched with my boho-style DIY friendship bracelets.

DIY Jewelled Friendship Bracelet Materials

You can follow the same braiding technique from the Studded Friendship Bracelet DIY. Once you’ve finished braiding your bracelet, take a needle and choose similar coloured thread to the bracelet. Position where you’d like the rhinestone pendant to sit and using the needle and (appropriately coloured) thread, sew it onto the bracelet. Secure with a knot at the back. Repeat with either side.

DIY Jewelled Friendship Bracelet

I think I’ll do an Ombre Friendship Bracelet next time with other embellishments…braiding and knotting does take time…

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Why Jewelry?

Mary's Little Creations

For as long as I can remember I have always loved doing crafts.  I’ve tried just about everything over the years Crocheting, Knitting, Sewing (Which I am HORRIBLE at), painting (no good there either) but finally one day I was wandering around a store and found their bead section and thought eh, why not lets see what happens… It’s been almost two years now, and I am addicted! I love everything about making jewelry, I love working with wire, bead stitching, bead weaving, stringing… Everything. There is truly no limit on what you can make.

Everyday I find something new that I want to learn how to make. It’s amazing! And I am so thankful for all the people that I’ve met during the short time I’ve been doing this. I’ve met some amazing people who also make jewelry and I am blessed that they have been willing to help me…

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From Me to You, A Holiday Giveaway w/ Happy Wrist

The Fancy Pants Report

A Very Fancy Holiday GiveawayI’m hooked on Happy Wrist and I know you will be too! Itchel, the creator of Happy Wrist has offered my readers a chance to win this beautiful Smoky Brown Crystal bracelet from her Holiday collection! This piece is GORGEOUS and will be a great addition to your existing arm candy. Here are the deets:

1. ‘Like’ The Fancy Pants Report & Happy Wrist on Facebook

2. Follow @hey_im_kate & @happy_wrist on Instagram

3. For an extra entry, tweet about this giveaway (@hey_im_kate, @happy_wrist)

4. Leave a comment on this post telling me you’ve done the above along with your email address

The last day to enter is Monday, December 17th and the winner (chosen at random) will be announced Wednesday, December 19th. Good luck!

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