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Strangest Jobs Ever, This One Might Top The List

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So your about to go to medical school, and you decide to give it up for what??

She gave it up, to work with vibrators. We didn’t see that one coming.

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What Do You Do when Your Man Isn’t Satisfied in the Bedroom?

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black-couple-bedFirst, how is he defining “good sex”? Perhaps he is not that experienced, because then he should know that good sex doesn’t necessarily mean mind blowing simultaneous orgasms all the time as we see in movies, but can also be about emotional connection or heightened sexual arousal without orgasm too. And guess what-that can be good too!

 It is true that people’s sexual styles are not always compatible. But this is where communication can come in really handy! It is important to communicate with your partner about what it is you like and what feels good and pleasurable. If he was not giving you direction, then that was his first problem. Each individual is turned on and enjoys something different. If he didn’t think you were all that in the sack, he has to consider what he was giving you to work with! You are not a mind reader

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Africa’s Next Top Model Auditions – South Africa

Originally posted on Heiresss Says:

International supermodel Oluchi Orlandi will be hosting “Africa’s Next Top Model”. The newest Top Model Franchise that will bring you the best of Africa’s diverse continent from North to West to South and East.

The show will be shot in between Africa’s fashion capital Johannesburg and Cape Town, cameras follow the contestants over 10 episodes and 8 weeks as they learn what it takes to make it.

Download a form HERE, Fill it out completely and be sure to bring it with you to the casting location.

Audition Dates:
•Johannesburg – Sandton Convention Centre
9 July 2013 7am-7pm

•Cape Town – Cape Town Convention Center
1 August 2013 7am-7pm

Twelve young women perform weekly challenges and are
put to the test to see who comes out on top!

Can’t wait to watch it :-D

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Bobbi Kristina’s Rep Denies Eviction Rumors

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Bobbi Kristina Brown was not kicked out of her apartment. Nope, she left on her own (thank you very much).

The daughter of deceased music powerhouse Whitney Houston, recently denied allegations that she and her boyfriend (Nick Gordon) were forced from their Alpharetta, Ga. apartment.

According to a rep for Bobbi Kristina, rumors of her eviction are totally false. She did, however, decide to leave voluntarily, sources say. Apparently, Bobbi Kristina’s neighbors worked her nerve with complaints about excess noise. Eventually, she had enough and decided to bounce.

“Bobbi felt that the neighbors were always in her business and looking to get some sort of media attention,” a source also tells E! News. “Krissy lives on the 2nd floor and as with anyone who lives in a first floor apartment you should expect to hear some noise above you. But apparently these people have been nuts for a long time. So she…

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