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Floyd Mayweather’s Marriage Proposal To Ms. Jackson Via Text Is A Must-Read

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Shantel Jackson,Shantel Jackson put some old text messages on display during her recent lawsuit against Floyd Mayweather. The two have been in a very heated war over the past year, with the model suing the champ for domestic abuse, invasion of privacy, and defamation.

In those aforementioned legal documents, we found out that last year, the undefeated boxing champion wanted to marry Ms. Jackson ? but only if she got her attitude in order. The proposal was sent via text message. Via TMZ:

?This is what I offer to you. Let?s get married move in together you can go back in forth to L.A and stay at the condo.?

?I promise I will get you in 3 A list movies this year and I?m willing to go to counseling to make us work and you can get the stuff you want and I?m willing to change but I need…

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