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NFL Baller Michael Oher Says Great White Hope Flick “The Blindside” Damaged His Reputation

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Michael Oher

Michael Oher Says “The Blindside” Movie Hurt His NFL Career

It hurt US to watch that movie, can’t imagine what Michael Oher has been going through as the subject of it.

Via HuffingtonPost

The 2009 “based on a true story” film “The Blind Side” was a massive box office hit, beloved by both critics and the viewing public. The movie raked in $300 million, earned an Oscar nod for best picture, and clinched Sandra Bullock, who starred in the film, an Academy Award and a Golden Globe.

But there’s at least one person out there who’s not a big fan of the movie: Michael Oher, the football player whose life the film is based on.

Oher, who currently plays left tackle for the Carolina Panthers, told ESPN.com’sid Newton this week that the film — which details his journey from a homeless teen to a first-round NFL draft pick — has…

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Is “Get Hard” Full Of Black Stereotypes? [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

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You know movies that are so funny you have to gasp for air? Well, “Get Hard” isn’t that movie! Oleebo says it’s pretty stupid and has enough stereotypes to have black people running. Listen to the audio player to hear what else Oleebo had to say about this film and why it only received one handbag in this edition of his Bootleg Movie Review!

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‘Friday’ Heads To Theaters For One Night To Celebrate 20th Anniversary

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April 20 isn’t just an unofficial holiday for weed smokers this year. It will also mark the return of Friday to theaters for one night only

BuzzFeed News is reporting that a director’s cut of the cult classic that gave us “Puff puff give” and “Bye Felicia”…

…will play in theaters on April 20 in honor of the film’s 20th anniversary.

“For the theaters, for New Line [Cinema], for the fans to want to pay homage to the movie in this way is cool,” said star Ice Cube. “It lets you know how much people appreciate it and how much fun it is … and it lets you know that Friday is now a part of the American fabric.”


The one-night-only rerelease will also include Friday Straight Up, a 24-minute featurette with behind-the-scenes footage from the making of the movie and interviews with the cast.

On April 14, the

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VH1 Developing Movie Version Of Dan Charna’s Book “The Big Payback”

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VH1 has announced that a TV adaptation of Dan Charnas’ best selling book “The Big Payback: The History of the Business of Hip Hop” will debut this fall. Made famous for successfully revealing the ins and outs of the industry, the movie has been titled “The Breaks” and will slightly stray from the events of the book.  Set in New York during the 90s, according to The Hollywood Report the plot will center around the following:

“The story centers around Nikki Jones, a brilliant recent grad who abandoned a scholarship to law school to pursue her dream of becoming a record exec. Her boyfriend, David Aaron, is the scrappy son of a legendary music producer who is unwilling to rest on his father’s laurels and notorious reputation. DeeVee is an aspiring producer on the hunt to find the next big rapper on the come-up. Nikki fast talks her way into…

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“The Interview” WILL BE In Theaters Christmas Day Says Sony


I guess once Sony execs realized that the President have their back, they decided to green light the film

Originally posted on 92 Q:


After weeks of cyber threats made by underground terrorists claiming to ruin the US if the movie “The Interview“, starring Seth Rogen and James Franco is released, Sony execs decided that the movie will be released on a limited schedule to theaters on Christmas Day.

If you’re planning to check out the movie, BE CAREFUL!

Here’s what Revolt is reporting:

According to CNN, Sony is now planning a limited run to screen the “The Interview,” which had been the target of hackers who threatened a 9/11-like attack if the movie hit theaters; at issue is the plot to kill the dictator of North Korea.


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Beyonce Dad Selling Her Things To Pay Bills



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Sony Attack: Carmike Cinemas Won’t Screen ‘The Interview’

Originally posted on Variety:

Carmike Cinemas has bailed out on showing Sony’s comedy “The Interview” — the first fallout from the hackers’ threat to distributors.

The theater chain became the first to take up Sony’s offer to distributors to pull “The Interview” if they desire in advance of its wide release this Christmas. Sony remains committed to the planned opening.

Multiplex owners were caught by surprise Tuesday after hackers evoked the memory of 9/11 while threatening theaters that play the comedy about an attempted assassination of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.

The Carmike chain, based in Georgia, operates 278 theaters and 2,917 screens in 41 states. The sites are mostly in rural and suburban areas of the South.

Sony Pictures has stayed silent on the latest threat from the hackers and the Department of Homeland Security released a statement saying they have not yet discovered evidence of an active plot against U.S. theaters. But the…

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Lionsgate Buys Mel Gibson’s ‘Blood Father’ for U.S. Release

Originally posted on Variety:

Lionsgate has bought U.S. distribution rights to action-thriller “Blood Father,” starring Mel Gibson.

Jean-Francois Richet directed “Blood Father” from a script by Peter Craig (“The Town”), who adapted his novel of the same name. The film was shot in the late spring in New Mexico.

Gibson plays an ex-con who reunites with his estranged 16-year-old daughter, and vows to protect her from the drug dealers who are trying to kill her. The daughter is played by Erin Moriarty, who portrayed Woody Harrelson’s daughter in HBO’s “True Detective.”

Elisabeth Rohm, William H. Macy and Diego Luna also star.

Why Not Productions produced. Wild Bunch launched international sales at Cannes.

Gibson and Andrew Garfield have been in talks to come on board World War II drama “Hacksaw Ridge.” If the deals go through, Gibson will direct the movie, based on the life of Desmond T. Doss, the first conscientious objector to win…

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