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Morning Beautiful: Obama Slammed With Racist Tweets, Hundreds Protest Police Shooting In WA & More

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Black Lives Matter Protest Source: Scott Olsen/Staff / Getty
Morning baby. Here?s today?s top news stories around the web. Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

1) Once Again, Obama Cannot Catch a Break

Just hours after opening his first personal twitter account as president, Barack Obama got flooded with racial epithets and threats from trolls and spawns of Satan. I guess I can?t say I?m surprised at this one. Read the story at The Verge.

2) Ireland Approaches Landmark Gay Marriage Decision

Today, Ireland is leading a national vote on whether it will legalize gay marriage. If it does, Ireland will be the first country to make gay marriage legal through a referendum. Read more on this development at USA Today.

3) Josh Duggars Issues An Apology In Light of Molestation Charges

Executives at the TLC are probably reaching for a bottle of scotch at the moment. Josh Duggar from the popular family show, ?19 Kids…

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Oprah And Tyler Perry Tell Don Lemon Sony Emails About Obama Are Not Racist

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Leakgate is the talk of the town in Hollywood and around the country.

The leaked emails from Sony Pictures is causing a whole lot of of consternation for the movie executives whose private conversations were made public.

In particular the emails involving jokes about the kinds of movies President Obama would be interested in seeing are drawing the most criticism.

The email exchange between movie producer Scott Rudin and Sony co-chair Amy Pascal were initially deemed as “racially insensitive” by writers who reported on them.

But Shonda Rhimes of Scandal fame flat out called the email exchanges racist.

In a tweet Rhimes wrote, “Calling Sony comments “racially insensitive remarks” instead of “racist”? U can put a cherry on a pile of Sh*t but it don’t make it a sundae.”

That’s about as blunt as one can get on the subject.

However, movie producer Oprah Winfrey wouldn’t…

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Dr. Boyce on the Tavis Smiley / Don Lemon CatFight Over Obama (Video)

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*Earlier this week Tavis Smiley found himself on CNN being interviewed by Don Lemon about President Obama (scroll down to watch). Obviously giving Tavis a platform to maul Obama as he always does would not be a suprise to us, but it seemed to be for Lemon. Or at least he tried to make it [?]

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Joan Rivers Straight Disrespects The President And First Lady

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In her 50 years in comedy, and at 81 years old, most are not surprised by what may come out of Joan River’s mouth. She is known for being crass and obnoxious for the sake of shock value. Some even find her funny. She is one of the few left of a dying breed of comedy where you have to thick skin to survive. She came up under the likes of Milton Berle, Bob Hope and Don Rickles. Currently, she is the host of E!’s Fashion Police. Needless to say, she would not have been in the game as long as she has if she didn’t know what she is doing, comedically speaking.

Folks are in an uproar over comments she made about Michelle and President Barack Obama when approached by the paparazzi. When asked whether she thought there would…

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Obama Jokes Of Getting Dreadlocks After Leaving Office

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malia president christmas

President Obama said jokingly Thursday that he might go back to wearing dreadlocks when his presidency is over.

Read more: washingtontimes.com

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