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Performer of the Week: Danielle Brooks — TVLine

THE PERFORMER | Danielle Brooks THE SHOW | Orange Is the New Black THE EPISODE | “How to Do Life” (July 26, 2019) THE PERFORMANCE | During Orange is the New Black‘s seven seasons, we have watched as Taystee evolved from a sassy sidekick, used mainly for comedic relief, into the show’s emotional linchpin following…

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Season 5, Orange is the New Black

We have two more months for that long awaited season 5 premiere of “Orange Is the New Black.” Our ladies in Litchfield will be back on our screens starting June 9, but the real question is, what will happen? When their season 4 ended, we lost our petite girl Poussey Washington when she was murdered by…

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Orange Is the New Black

The Fashion Foot

Authenticity Is the New Creativity 


Popular Netflix show Orange is the New Black breaks boundaries with the story of life inside a women’s federal prison. While people have fallen in love with the different characters, the thing that has viewers floored is the authenticity behind the show’s set, story, and especially costumes. Designer Jennifer Rogien has found ways to make the prison uniforms as authentic as possible while giving certain characters unique styles. In an interview with “Entertainment Weekly”, Rogien had this to say about her design choices: “It comes down to very distilled, very subtle distinctions. Is this character a rule breaker? Not just that one big rule that landed them in prison, but are they just generally trying to push back against authority? If so, what are the small ways that we can reflect that in their uniform?”

Piper Chapman Costume Piper Chapman Costume

While Rogien got her research for the uniforms…

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