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WEAVE 101: Does Filipino Hair Really Come From The Philippines?


Black Woman With Long Hair Source: Philippe Regard / Getty

Indian, Brazilian, Malaysian, Mongolian, Russian, Filipino…with the hair trade rapidly growing and ever-changing, it seems like a new texture of virgin hair emerges with every sizzle of your wand curler.

But what exactly is virgin hair? Where does it come from? What differentiates the expensive tresses your favorite celeb is wearing from from the pack hair you can pick up at the local beauty supply?

More importantly, how does one choose from so many textures?

While some of the lingo may seem foreign, it’s understood — weave is where it’s at. And here’s what you need to know before you make your next purchase.

We linked up with Javonte Anyabwelé, founder of Madali Hair, who specializes in Filipino tresses and providing women with luxurious Filipino hair to answer our questions. Find out his answers below:

HelloBeautiful: Explain the concept of “virgin” hair…

Javonte Anyabwelé:…

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