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Police Reassessing Officer Safety In Wake Of Dallas Ambush — CBS Baltimore

BALTIMORE (WJZ)–Police agencies across the nation are reassessing officer safety in the wake of the ambush in Dallas. Many are worried about copycat attacks, especially with officers being shot in 3 separate incidents in Tennessee, Georgia and Missouri last week. As a protest wound through Baltimore on Saturday, Baltimore City police took precautions by blocking…

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Morning Beautiful: Obama Slammed With Racist Tweets, Hundreds Protest Police Shooting In WA & More

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Black Lives Matter Protest Source: Scott Olsen/Staff / Getty
Morning baby. Here?s today?s top news stories around the web. Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

1) Once Again, Obama Cannot Catch a Break

Just hours after opening his first personal twitter account as president, Barack Obama got flooded with racial epithets and threats from trolls and spawns of Satan. I guess I can?t say I?m surprised at this one. Read the story at The Verge.

2) Ireland Approaches Landmark Gay Marriage Decision

Today, Ireland is leading a national vote on whether it will legalize gay marriage. If it does, Ireland will be the first country to make gay marriage legal through a referendum. Read more on this development at USA Today.

3) Josh Duggars Issues An Apology In Light of Molestation Charges

Executives at the TLC are probably reaching for a bottle of scotch at the moment. Josh Duggar from the popular family show, ?19 Kids…

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Taraji P. Henson’s Son Police Video Shoots Down Racial Profiling Claim

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Taraji P. Henson Source: FOX / Getty

Taraji made some claims that her son, Marcel Johnson had been a part of racial profiling during some traffic stops. One of those stops was when he was pulled over in Glendale, CA and that dash cam video has made it’s way to the public already.
You can watch the vid right here too… you will see how polite the police officer was the second he walked up to the window of Marcel Johnson’s vehicle. You also can hear for yourself the tone of the officer and how he never gave you any indication that he was profiling anyone.
Why did Marcel get pulled over?
Good question… he did a moving violation. Marcel was pulled over because he failed to yield to a crosswalk. The officer told him too, “remember that cross walk that was flashing yellow and that person was walking by…”
And the office…

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The Young Man Who Was With Michael Brown Says: ‘We Need To Stand Up For Something Better’


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It’s a Saturday morning, and the streets are empty. A few blocks from home, Brown and Johnson are walking in the middle of the road. This is when Officer Darren Wilson pulls up — and when Johnson and Wilson’s accounts begin to both converge and diverge.

As Wilson tells the story, he was extremely, unfailingly polite — more befuddled than anything else by these two young black men who seem to have forgotten to use the sidewalk. “Hey guys, why don’t you walk on the sidewalk,” he remembers saying. That’s not how Johnson tells it.

“He said ‘Get the F on the sidewalk!'” Johnson tells the grand jury. Either way, on this next point, Johnson and Wilson agree. It’s Johnson who replies and says they’re just a minute from their homes, and they’ll be off the street shortly.

It should be noted that this young man keeps telling  the exact…

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